Do you like waffles? How about free waffles?

              Have you ever been to Waffle House? well, I haven't yet...but I'm surely gonna go now. and the wonderful person by the name of Kelly (an expert in hunting for deals) from found the coupon for a free waffle of any kind! And trust Kelly, you have where to chose from!

Now some really interesting facts about this restaurant or better say chain of restaurants around US. Waffle House operates more than 1,500 restaurants company and franchisee owned. Waffle House holds the title as the world's leading server of waffles, omelets, T-bone Steaks and more. If you could stack all of the Sausage Patties that Waffle House serves in one day on top of each other, it would be nearly twice the size of the World's Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa in Dubai or four times the size of the Empire State Building!  Now that's a tall order! If you poured all of the cups of Coffee that Waffle House serves in one year, it would be enough to fill nearly 8 Olympic swimming pools! Waffles served until now top 877,388,027!!!

I heard people saying that tasty waffles and great coffee like in Waffle House, you'll not going to find anywhere else but there, so i'm thinking to take my kids there tomorrow!

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                         Bon Apetite!




Enjoy a really nice buffet by buying one and getting another one practically FREE!


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First thing first, let's check out what this printable card coupon is all about! So, you can enjoy a nice buffet if you pay one regular adult meal price and then get the other one free, whether it be Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner and has to includ one Beverage. Not bad at all, keeping in mind that a buffet will always be a buffet: good food, great variety and plenty for everybody!Smile

I like how in their advertising for the card they quantified how much you would usually spend at the restaurant if not more: $50 Worth of meals with the purchase of the $5 Printable Coupon Card. This card can be used at various locations and restaurants around US, like Old Country Buffet, Ryan's, Fire Mountain, Country Buffet, Granny's Buffet and of course Hometown Buffet.

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Tongue-shaped Ice Cubes from Rolling Stones


 Ice cubes won't be noticed until you make some interesting shapes. Rolling Stones Ice Cube Tray will be a perfect ice mold! Or we can also say, a good icebreaker with it's 8 tongue-shaped cubes that will surely make your senses tingle.. Giggles.

Since it is a flexible latex, you can also have it for candies! It's funny how you taste a tongue with your tongue. And this can really add some variety to the usual shapes. This is mostly good for  parties - for all ages!


Prime-Amazon Warehouse Deals lets you have it for just $3.49! shipping rates and policies apply. While stocks last! So check out and for the links. High ratings are consistent and buyers agree further "Exactly as described." "Excellent service."

I bet. Having this ice cube tray ready in your freezer will be fun! So add in your cart now!




MAC!!! Who wouldn’t love MAC cosmetics? It's glam. It’s high fashion. It’s what every girl’s face would adore. Definitely, it has been a statement. believes everyone deserves to have MAC COSMETICS - FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ORDER! No need to rush personally to shops and fill your carts with loads of promotional items because’s social bargain hunting site has the coupon code so download it quick because it will expire on the 20th of March! Set aside those reviews, MAC guarantees a prettier you! Seriously. Grab some before the deal ends, and you know you won’t regret it.

Ever seen videos of professional makeup artists using MAC almost all the time? Ever heard models or artists thanking MAC for getting noticed on the runway or on prints? Or even being with friends talking about MAC? You are now in the same circle! Just start buying MAC and gradually use this premier cosmetics brand to start your way to a high level of professionalism – the colors, the looks, the touch ups.

You can check MAC’s site for different color schemes and have fun with an online palette! They have lots of shades and you can now view on site with full details! This is convenient. MAC just never fails to amaze! Why, you're still not? Guess you should try at least one and know more.

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   BJ's membership has A LOT TO OFFER!

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One Touch Wine Bottle Opener!


This product is really neat! All you have to do is place the wine opener on the bottle, push the button, and the wine is opened for you! No mess, no spills, just easy. For any wine lover this is a wonderful product to make life just that much easier. Opening bottles can sometimes get messy as the cork can be prone to break off when opened wrong. And wine just isn't that tasty with little bits of cork stuck in it. This revolutionary product opens your wine bottles easily so that you don't have to. And don't worry about it spilling all over the place. The opener is made to balance and not tip over. 

No spilling and easy to use! Sounds great right? The best part is how much it is and how we have a deal to get it for even less. Original price is $29.99 but for a limited time is availabe for only $6.99 with FREE shipping. That is an insane deal for online shoppers! If you love wine, this is a must buy! Get it as a gift for someone you love or get it for yourself. Show it off at parties, everyone will think it is such a cool gadget. 

Why not get something that will only make your life easier? Wine is delicious and theres no time to be fooling around with popping the cork open. You want to enjoy that money you spent on buying the drink! So buy a cork opener by following the link below and get yourself a discounted price on a high quality product!

Consider this gadget powered by Google Android v2.1 Operating System


If you love mobility and and very good operating systems, than the Augen 10.2' Netbook has to be your choice, espacially when you have the opportunity to owe it for $99.99 . Yes, it's for real!!! together with made it possible and they will take off 73% from the retail price of $260.00. But again, exactly how it writes on the website you have less than 8 hours to get it! So hurry up!...You need more convincing, ok.

This netbook provides a stable computing platform and makes it easy to check email, share photos, surf the Internet, and more. It features a 10.2-inch 1024×600 color TFT screen, the netbook is packed with a 2GB internal memory and 256MB DDR2 Ram. Wi-Fi connectivity with full web browsing capability makes it easy to stay connected while preloaded office applications allow you to create and edit documents. A great choice for students as well as business travelers who like to travel light, Augen makes it easy to stay productive wherever you are.

Oh, I almost forgot, they even offer free shipping! Now you're convinced? So go check out this link and have a happy surfing on the Internet!

Sierra Designs Solar Fusion for Men - 'Two jackets in one'

As I wrote in the title this Sierra Design Sola Fusion down jacket is - actually two jackets in one. What I mean is that the new Solar Fusion joins an 800 fill down coat with a waterproof shell to creat one jacket perfect especially for snowy pursuits.

I read some good reviews and one especially stood up because it told me that this jacket has multiple uses:"I found Solar Fusion to be a comfortable warm Jacket from sitting at the park to Climbing a Mountain. It can be quite warm on the hike, but you'll need it when the mercury drops, very warm with the down. But then again, you can air out the pits with the underarm vents! I loved it."

Some of the websites I browsed had this jacket at pretty expensive prices between $195 and $325 and offer only 40% off or nothing! That's why I'm letting you know that has the best price listed: only $129.99 which is 60% off retail price!!!

My advice is to grab this Sierra Desings Solar Fusion Down Jacket and forget about being cold ever again!

iPad 2 is flying off the shelves


"iPad 2 is flying off the shelves due to higher than expected demand. If you waited in line for hours only to be instructed to visit the store another day, you should mark your calendar tomorrow as Apple is rumored to be opening its retail stores one hour early tomorrow for iPad sales. Tipsters told Apple ***** that the stores are re-stocking today with new iPad 2 shipments as the company prepares for dedicated iPad 2 sales tomorrow."
This is yesterday news, as I'm reading today and see that already people lined up in front of the stores and the lucky ones got their hands on an iPad 2 and the less fortunate ones, maybe they'll get it tomorrow or they can buy it online and wait a few weeks to be delivered (5-6 weeks). This way they get rid of the hassle of staying in line early in the morning. On the page they are reports that Apple cannot cop with the high demand and that employees are telling people that they will have iPads 2 in stores tomorrow, though. So, some locations have it and some don't. It's up to you to go check it out, but first stop by and then by to see if they have great deals online for iPad2. Good luck on getting the notorious iPad 2!!!




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