10% off Socks at Scrubs & Beyond

Scrubs & Beyond presents "Sock it to me!" This promo let's you save 10% off socks & hosiery using the coupon code SOCKS4ME. It's free shipping on all orders of over $125 as well.

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Scrubs & Beyond offers items for men, women, brands, tops, pants, lab coats, shoes, scopes, accessories, students, gift cards, maternity, embroidery, and so much more.

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This Week's Specials from J&R

Check out this week's specials from J&R! Save on various products in various categories including J&R Jr. for Kids, The new iPad Specialty Store, televisions, digital cameras, tablets, iPad & tablet accessories, MacBook, iPhone Specialty Store, hard drives, memory cards, PC notebooks, computer memory, printer ink & toner, printers, media streaming, graphics tablets, headphones, wireless speakers, guitars, digital photo frames, cell phones, cell headsets & speaker phones, DJ mixers & consoles, video games, New Releases in Music, health & fitness, cookware, and gift cards. Click here to find your J&R item now!

J&R JBL and 100 Deals

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Best Deals of the Day at J&R

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Check out the week’s best sellers. Some of these include iPad & accessories, television sets, digital cameras, J&R Jr. for kids, tablets, Macbook, hard drives, memory cards, PC notebooks, computer memory, printer ink & toner, printers, media streaming, headphones, wireless speakers, guitars, PC batteries & adapters, cellphones, cell phone headsets & speakers, tuners & metronomes, video games, music releases, health & fitness, cookware, gift cards, and more. Click here to see them all out!

Valentine’s Day Special from NBC Universal Store

Save 20% off various fan gear or items as well as DVDs at the NBC Universal store with the code VDAY20. Make sure to order by 2/3 to be able to receive it by 2/14. Just in time for Valentine’s. Click here to check out all fan items and DVDs you can be able to purchase and save 20% for.


Find items for featured shows. Get gift cards, bobble heads, t-shirts, Olympics theme, props from the set of popular NBC shows, movie merchandise, retro, and so much more. Click here to browse through all items available.

Give a Gift Card Gift from Bed and Breakfast

You can give a gift card gift from Bed and Breakfast this Christmas season. Save money on deals for the holidays.


$25 - Get a free $25 e-gift card when you purchase over $100 with the promo code BBFREE25. Promo is valid till 12/20. You can get as much as $625 free gift card.

$50 – Buy a $50 gift card and save $5 off your purchase with the code JINGLE5. Offer is good until 01/03/2012.

$75 – Use promo code COUNTDOWN for purchases of over $250 and get a $75 gift card or a $25 gift card for purchases of over $150 with the same promo code. Offer valid until 12/22.

Free shipping – Free USPS shipping for orders ranging from $25 to $99 or free FedEx shipping for orders of over $100. No code needed.


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Gift Cards with 20% discount at Lydia’s Uniforms




We’ve been featuring a lot of gift ideas and gift items, including gift cards. Lydia’sUniforms.com is also offering a gift card you can send to someone as a gift. If you are an employer, you can reward your staff with it too. Get 20% off gift cards at Lydia’s Uniforms when you purchase today.


We know it’s not always easy to shop for gifts, which makes gift cards perfect. Lydia’s Uniforms understands that too. So they’re offering 20% discount for gift cards. These can be used to purchase items available on the site. Lydia’s Uniforms offers clothing for men and women. Find other clothes too including plus size, maternity, embroidery, scrub suits, and medical supplies too. By the way, the scrub suits are at 30% off so you might want to browse through the selection if you happen to work in medical offices and institutions.


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Familiar with Restaurant.com?

This is for whoever does not know this website restaurant.com that restaurant owners all over US love: "Restaurant.com helps restaurant owners promote the new and unique aspects of their restaurants while providing diners with great value in a fun, new and cost effective way."

First of all it's a great guide for your neighborhood restaurants and also fancy downtown ones, secondly they offer great discounts and giftcards to your favorite dining places. Exactly how it is written on their website, they help you find the restaurant you want and the offer you great gift certificates for less than you'll expect! Why? Because they know that people love to gather around a table, have a great dinner, taste a good wine and not have to worry that they overdraft on their credit card!

There's Dinner of the Month which is the ultimate passport to a great meal out. Each month, a $25 Restaurant.com Gift Certificate is sent via email. 3, 6, or 12-month options are available. And, with over 18,000 restaurants from which to choose, a new dining adventure is right around the corner. Plus before you checkout don't forget to put in the promo code ENJOY so you'll save 60%!!! I tried it and from $30 (3 months) it get me down to $12! Great!




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