Slim down and look good with SPANX!

Did you know that SPANX started as ah-ha moment about 10 years ago? In a one bedroom apartment? Right now it employs 90 women and 10 lucky guys. Didn't you see on the Red carpet? All the celebrities including Oprah wears them. And now they have a wide variety on display at, from body shapers, bras, panties, legwear to activ wear and swimming suits or better slimmin' suits!!! And they even have products for Men!

Posted 2 hours ago on, Dealitem has for you a coupon code for $10 off with no minimum purchase and free shipping both ways! If you think about it, it's a pretty good deal and you get free shipping, too! You probably saw it lately that almost all TV Shows are taking about Spanx and how they are keep coming with new items on the market. I checked some out on the website and I will most likely take advantage of this coupon because the Holidays are here and I want to look good! I wonder if they will suprise us on Black Friday? I'll be on the lookout!


Invicta Men's 0857 II Collection at more than reasonable price!

This can be the perfect gift for a wrist watch lover! It's a genuine Invicta Men's 0857 watch that can be wrapped up in a gift and sent to the recipient in less than a day if you order now. Don't worry, shipping is free! And the price that Amazon has listed under is ....incredible but true, only $49 and be sure that it's brand new! let us know that the original list price is $395, so you better not skip this awesome deal!

This multi-functional dial watch combines the retro look with the modern time precision. Two circular sub dials get you the day-of-the-week and date displays. A hand made, black leather strap features red, contrast stitching on the edges and is secured with a traditional, black-plated, stainless steel buckle clasp. Also it is water-resistant to 330 feet (100 meters) because the Japanese technology. It comes in that beautiful yellow gift box and it shows now that they only have 2 left at this great price so click here quickly:


How would you like to spend $0 on something you need?

This is eventually an indispensable item that should come with your Laptop or with your Desktop. It's a very efficient thermal grease called XIGMATEK PTI-3606 specifically designed for modern high-power CPUs and high-performance heat-sinks or water-cooling solutions. Being a silicon-based thermal grease it has only moderate thermal conductivity. gave us the tip that if we buy it from, we'll get the total sum on rebate so, instead of paying $7.99 we'll pay $0. How many times you felt like your laptop is going to catch on fire? It was so hot that you could not even lift it up. It happened to me many times that's why I already bought one Xigmatek thermal grease and I'm watching a youtube video to see how to apply it on the CPU. It's not big deal! So take advantage of this great deal, FREE after mail-in rebate and enjoy a more faster processor, low CPU usage and a cool laptop!

Hurry up though, because this deal will expire at the end of the month! Take advantage of FREE shipping, too!

Pre-Thanksgiving Sale at Fashion Bug!

Did you catch the fashion bug? If not I'm sure you'll catch it once you hear the deals they've got! If you browse the page you'll see that its' finally the plus sizes who are in the center of attention or better said the average woman or the everyday woman. They have all the styles and actually if you want to wear something like the Red Carpet you can find it here on your size and can arrange in such way that you'll look like a Star.

Great dresses, right? And see the prices?  From newest trends to latest fashion basics, Fashion Bug equals style, selection and value for plus, misses, maternity, juniors and girls. showed us first that they have some great coupons, great savings on a variety of items. I will just name some of them like SAVE 40% on SWEATERS, COATS, TOPS& MORE; SAVE 50% on clearance items; 30% OFF Dresses, Shoes &more...and the rest you'll see by clicking here:


Chefs Unite! This is your time for big savings!


is one of the oldest stores for restaurant quality culinary equipment for the chef at home! If you are just a little bit passionate about cooking or taking it serious on becoming a good chef than just take a look at the savings they have on, savings that will end on November 24th! has a whole list of promotional items that are 50% off and even 80% off!!!  We choose one that will definitely satisfy you! It's the restaurant quality nonstick loaf pan, here's the image:

It's guaranteed to last a lifetime and if not will accept the return and you can ship it free of charge. This Cuisinart Chef's Classic 9" nonstick  loaf pan is selling now for only $9.95 ! It's guaranteed to bake your loaf good and make it very tasty because it provides the even-heating performance of heavy-gauge aluminized steel and a durable nonstick coating on the interior and exterior for consistent even browning. Now that the Holidays are near you want to surprise your guests with the best loaf they've ever tasted and when you'll show them in what you've baked and how less you spent they will envy you for sure!

Universal World Wide Travel Plug Adapter 92% OFF!!!

76% of already bought this Universal WorldWide plug adapter and it's ranked under 'Incredible prices', too. Why? Hold on to your chair! This is what is always bringing you, super good savings! Purchase it now for only $2.90 plus free ground shipping! That's an incredible 92% off from the retail price of $34.99! Works almost everywhere in the world, I say almost because I was reading on ( appreciates the link to this awesome deal) that maybe in India is not going to work...Maybe! This Universal Adapter plug convert the power outlet and is perfect for business trip from US to Europe or Africa, Asia and the rest of the world! It has a built-in surge protector and 4 international plugs and a LED charging indicator. It's for use in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean! I saw on the website that some customers bought two or more, which means it works!!! All in all, the price is unbeatable!


Huge fan of Schwarzenegger?

 I remember when I saw for the first time TERMINATOR II, I thought it was the best action movie and I loved the soundtrack from Guns N' Roses. I would buy the Blu-Ray DVD only for that (singing now "You could be mine")! And Total Recall, I don't even remember how many times I saw it! Now you have the chance to own both movies for only $10  and only from Walmart! It's Blu-ray so imagine the perfect restoration in HD image it has to offer you...I wonder if they can remake it with 3D? That would be awesome! Two actioned pack movies which you can grab it from the store for free or pay $2 shipping!  I guess Ben's Bargain is a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger ( because that's how you write it correctly...I saw on some site the name misspelled) too! If you have young children these movies are rated R, but I believe that they can watch it with you...and tell them about the old days when you use to take your pals or girlfriend to the movies :)! Hurry up because I think it's not going to last!


Lenovo IdeaPad for less than $200!

Yes, it's less than $200 plus FREE shipping offered by Amazon and it's not even Black Friday yet! As the people at say ...this Lenovo's price with 16GB  is more in line with the Ideapad at only 2GB, so believe us it's one of the best deals of the week!!!

How much exactly is? Only $196.87!!! Right, is affordable and is a great gadget on the go, very lightweight with web on the go, offline GPS navigation technology that allows easy satellite connection. The processor is single core but that doesn't stop it to browse the Internet, check emails, chat watch Youtube videos and more! The slick display is 7" touchscreen and it also has a 3.0MP rear webcam, a microSD slot capacity of 32 GB. Android 2.3 is the operating system and with that you can access thousands of apps from Android and also Lenovo apps. One important detail I don't want to omit is that Amazon has not released the item yet so you can pre-oder it and the price is guaranteed to stay the same. Don't worry you've got the Amazon seal and you know they are a serious online shop! So what you're waiting for? Pre-order!

Members only - Free DOVE sample!

In all the SAM's Clubs now they have this promotion, which by the way caught it and we thank it for that, of the new DOVE Shampoo and Conditioner! So, if you are a SAM's Club Member then you can try it for yourself by ordering a free sample based on the quiz which I hope you'll fill out on It's a quiz that will reveal at the end what type of hair you have! I made it and I was surprised to find out my hair type was the opposite of what I thought.

If you're not in SAM'S CLUB  yet I would recommend you to sign up because they are going to have great discounts on Black Friday just like Walmart...hey, it figures! They are related! I have a card and so do my husband, so we never miss out on the good deals! Also, please  forward this deal to your friends and if they are members they will get something for FREE!

Amazing - Its' Just Like Sugar and 0 Carbs!

  Finally a product that's not a sweetener like 'Sweet n' Low' or other brands that can actually harm you!

This is 100% natural -just like sugar because it has 4 key ingredients: Orange Peel, Chicory Root, Calcium and Vitamin C! gave us the news about it and also that we can fill out a form and order our free sample from! And as you can imagine the response was overwhelming which means that it will take 6-12 weeks to get your free sample! I would suggest to order it because it's Kosher approved meaning it's a 100% real! No aftertaste, 0 Calories and 0 Carbs, great for diabetes and great for baking,too! Sweets lovers your time has come...forget about the Carbs and Calorie counting and dig in!



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