JC Penney showers you with savings!

JC Penney has great products at great prices! Their products are high quality and you know you are getting a good item. They also have great sales and you can always get a hold of a killer coupon code! Always remember to look for a coupon code before you checkout at JCPenney or let Dealitem.com guide you and let you know what coupon codes are valid for certain times.

First let me tell you about the coupon that expires tomorrow (07/10)As you see you get $10 off $50 or more! But wait, I saw the same coupon on dealigg.com that expires on 08/10! If you want to get 15% off almost everything at JC Penney than you have to use at checkout the promo code JUN11SUR which expires 08/31!!! Do you like jewelry? Then get ready for extra savings, if you put the promo code JULYGEM, by 07/20 you'll get an extra 10% off!!!

Hurry in the store if you want to take advantage of this freebie! And maybe you'll find other freebies there!



Are you The Limited fashionista?


   Whatever your heart desires for your wedding reception, banquet or cocktail party The LIMITED Outlet Store has it! Every dress I saw it's very tasteful, chic and it goes for every occasion! Limited time only you can owe these beautiful outfits for half the price, Bargainist.com says. The promo code you have to enter before checkout is DRESSES and you have to use it before 07/11!!! So I guess it's a very good deal for the weekend, especially if you're called at a cocktail party or an impromptu wedding reception! You can look like a million bucks with less than a hundred spent or in any case with a lot less than other fashion outlet stores!


Pioneer can deliver the quality sounds and visuals!

This is a new arrival and I imagine that all of you out there who own a Ipod, Iphone, Ipad or any kind of Apple device would like to have this great tool or receiver - the Pioneer 7.1 Channel Elite A/V Receiver 3D Ready made mainly for Ipod or Ipod Touch and Iphone, but can also be used with laptop, computer or TV! Livehotdeals.com found it on Costco's page selling for a limited time for only $299.99 plus $15 for shipping (if you don't want to pick it up from the store). If you buy it with a home theater system it works too and delivers stunning audio sound! On Costco's main description page it says Made For iPhone®, Ethernet Port and 6 HDMI Inputs & 1 HDMI Output!  But browsing down the page I see that this receiver is good for everything!

I would go to Costco tomorrow and try it out or ask a consultant there to show me the various ways it can be used!



HP at a new low price!

   You don't see it, but this HP DV-4157CL is actually big, meaning the Display is 17.3" and the AMD processor is Phenom(enom) II N640! It delivers stunning digital entertainment and you can actually loose yourself in the game! The movie is so clear that you expect anytime for somebody to jump out from the screen!

This new website edealinfo.com gave us some good insight about this HP! It lets you know that this HP Pavilion DV-4156CL is actually refurbished and that woot.com ( you know one of those websites they have good deals but only for one day) is selling it at a new low quot of $499.99 plus their low US standard shipping of $5, which will get you the best deal of $504.99!!! The VISION Technology AMD Phenom II Dual-Core N640 Processor, Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium, 4GB of DDR3 memory and the hard drive of 640GB makes it an irresistible offer for the day! Hurry up there's only a few hours left!http://dealitem.com/Deal/3330764/HP-Pavilion-AMD-Phenom-17-3-Laptop-4GB-640GB-Win-7.aspx

Homestyle meals only at Boston Market!

Farm-raised chickens homestyle cooked, gourmet sides like mash potatoes, corn, rich gravy sauce, cornbread, delicious green beans, garlic and dill new potatoes, doesn't this sound delicious? All this you can find at any Boston Market Place and you can order it at home! The best deal is that the dealcatcher.com found this coupon that you can print out and receive $4 off a $20 Meal! You can order online or call ahead at any Boston Market, take the coupon with you and receive your discount!

Everything is fresh and made from scratch just like at mom's! The chicken is slowly roasted to perfection and all the sides are tasty!  Hop in there and try their market sliders BBQ chicken, Turkey and Meatloaf! Anything you want, just take the coupon with you and instead of paying $20 you'll pay $16!!! Offer expires on 07/24 and you cannot use it on the $4.99 or on the $5.99 deal!  While browsing their website I found this other coupon with the promo code 37821 which takes off $1 from a $10 order! And if you would like to receive more offers from them you can join their VIP Club!




HOT Price for the new HTC Imagio Cellphone!

Soon, everybody is going to have a HTC! Especially at this  good price, only $149.99!!! Where? Top-rated seller Unlockedcellphonekings at Ebay.com sells it  and as you can see it's a special price! You have to hurry up because I already missed the ones selling at $129.99! Gunnsdeals.net did not put the price out, so I thought I'm going to get the $129.99 deal! Well, this is not bad at all either!

 Isn't she a beauty? Don't worry it's unlocked and you can put any simcard, goes with AT&T and T Mobile, too! It will work! At least

that's what the Unlockedcellphonekings say!  This touchscreen-enabled smartphone offers a large, vibrant, 3.6-inch display with a customizable home screen to suit your needs. It also features an on-screen QWERTY keyboard for fast and easy typing. In addition to running on the fast and reliable 3G network, the HTC Imagio also offers global roaming capability when traveling overseas in supported destinations.

Another great feature is The TouchFLO 3D UI which is very attractive. The home screen features an animated clock as you see in the image, weather graphics, and shortcuts to call history and the calendar. At the bottom is a ribbon containing shortcut icons: scroll across with your finger, and you can access messaging, photos, music, a nifty stock prices app, and the Web browser, among other tasks. The Start menu is laid out in a grid of 12 icons. This looks iPhone-like. But instead of swiping to the right or left to see additional menus, the Imagio's menu scrolls up and down like a long Web page.

There will be more to write about it, but I'll let you convince yourself!


Savings, savings only at Target!

Guess who found this coupons deal? Dealseekingmom.com, of course! Just for the groceries you can save over $40!!! And remember you can stack the printable coupons from target.com with the manufacturer's coupons and you get more savings!!!

I guess a lot of women will compare themselves with the mom I just found writing on a blog website: "As a mother I shop for my family all the time from food, clothing and everything. It is hard to budget as everything is expensive these days. I shop for the best stores to save money and Target is one of my favorite store to go. I love to use Target coupons as they help me to acquire discounts and they always have good deals at the stores. Target sells quality products and beautiful clothes for men, women and children and all other products. Thankful for this place as they have many valuable coupons from many different stores."

Just go over our website and check it out: http://dealitem.com/Deal/3314035/Target-New-Printable-Coupons.aspx

You got it all with ASUS!

Ben's Bargains calls it only a Deal, I call it great deal on this ASUS U56E-BBL5 with Core i5 and 15.6" Display! The color it's not black it's Lake Blue and it's loaded with 6GB Memory and 640GB on hard drive! I mentioned in the title that you get all with ASUS because it has 8 cell battery and Intel UMA Graphics so you've got plenty of hours to play, watch a movie or work! The smart Intel Corei5 gives you the performance that you need to work and play, basically do anything you would do on a Desktop PC! You wouldn't want to pay any shipping so you can pick it up from the store! Otherwise you have to pay $15! Oh, now the best part of it! This ASUS you can purchase it from BestBuy for only $600! I picked this laptop from the list of laptop deals because the reviews are very good, 4 stars!!!

In need of a powerful laptop with updated memory and enough storage space and the smart Intel i5? Go over here:



Feel secure at home with Driveway Patrol!

 Feel safe and secure with Driveway Patrol!  Fatwallet.com let us know that Amazon.com still has it in stock this great security sensor and you'll also get the receiver kit for only $13.88!!! The list price was $40, so you'll save now 65% if you go over amazon.com and get it!

A lot of people already got it because it's cheap, it's wireless and is very efficient and not annoying! It sends alert when people, vehicles enter driveway or approach mailbox; it's motion-activated; weather-resistant; 400-foot range. Sensor installs with screw on any surface like doors, posts, garages. The portable receiver has three settings: high or low chimes and off and it operates on one 9-volt and three C-cell batteries (which are not included).  If you buy one for you and one for your parents or in-laws then you'll qualify for free shipping, too! I would not miss that!

So what are you saying isn't this a great security tool and it's not *$99 and who knows what other charges do companies like ADT add!


It's easy taking pictures with a KODAK!

Have you ever thought: "Wow, this is a Kodak moment? or I wish I could have a kodak camera with me now!"This cool new camera from Kodak is called Easyshare M52 14MP, it has 720p, 5x Optical Zoom, 2.7" LCD, 28mm Wide Angle Lens! I don't know if you can't still find it for this good price offered by woot.com which is ONLY $89.99 + $5 shipping, in total $95!!! You know you have to log in so you can see it and obviously don't miss out the chance to own one! As always slickdeals.net is the first to show us this good deal! No need of coupon codes, it's Woot you know! This Kodak EasyShare uploads with one click to Kodak Gallery, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Orkut sites plus  Pulse displays and email! It also reduces blur caused by subject movement or fast-action situations to deliver clearer, sharper pictures! It's a great gift for anybody in your family, meaning anybody because I'm thinking at my 4 year old and let me tell you she's a pro on handling anything digital plus my laptop! Frown

I'll let you decide and get to this link: http://dealitem.com/Deal/3314643/Kodak-Easyshare-M52-14MP-Digital-Camera-720p-5x-Optical-Zoom-2.aspx



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