Toshiba Direct Black Friday Weekend Sale

Well, this is obviously another Black Friday feature. We just can’t get enough of featuring Black Friday deals for you!
Next up, we have Toshiba Direct with their Black Friday Weekend Sale. Get up to 50% discount for computer and laptops starting 11/25 up to 11/28.

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We’ve practically summed up everything for you so scroll down and see them all for yourself:
Well, they’re technically not yet there but we’re just too excited to let you know early on. Check back soon (on Black Friday) and they’ll be there for sure.

50% Off Select Laptops (Limited Quantities). Valid 11/25-11/27.

Laptops Starting at $249 with Coupon Savings (Limited Quantities). Valid 11/25-11/27.

Get $300 off the new Toshiba Satellite A660-ST5N01 laptop for a 50% savings. (Limited quantities) Code: BFA660. Valid 11/25-11/28.
Get an extra $20 off the Toshiba Satellite C650-BT4N13 laptop (Limited quantities) Code: BFC650. Valid 11/25-11/27.

Get an extra $30 off the Toshiba Satellite C650-ST5N03 laptop (Limited quantities) Code: BFC6502. Valid 11/25-11/27.

Get an extra $30 off the Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT5N11 laptop (Limited quantities) Code: BFC650D. Valid 11/25-11/27.
Get an extra $30 off the Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST5NX1 laptop (Limited quantities) Code: BFC650D2. Valid 11/25-11/27.
Get an extra $30 off the Toshiba Portege Z835-ST8305 laptop (Limited quantities) Code: BFZ835. Valid 11/25-11/27.
Get an extra $30 off the Toshiba Satellite C650D-ST5N01 laptop (Limited quantities) Code: BFC650D3. Valid 11/25-11/27.
Get an extra $20 off the Toshiba Satellite L750-BT4N22 laptop (Limited quantities) Code: BFL750. Valid 11/25-11/27.
Get an extra $50 off the Toshiba Satellite L750D-BT5N11 laptop (Limited quantities) Code: BFL750D. Valid 11/25-11/27.
Get an extra $30 off the Toshiba Satellite L770-BT4N22 laptop (Limited quantities) Code: BFL770. Valid 11/25-11/27.
Get an extra $50 off the Toshiba Satellite L770D-BT5N11 laptop (Limited quantities) Code: BFL770D. Valid 11/25-11/27.
Get an extra $20 off the Toshiba Portege R835-P81 laptop 
 Code: BFR835. Valid 11/25-11/27.
Get an extra $20 off the Toshiba Satellite R845-ST5N01 laptop (Limited quantities) Code: BFR845. Valid 11/25-11/27.
Don’t wait till it’s over! Buy from Toshiba Direct soon!

Buy.Com Black Friday Deals’s Black Friday Deals including prices, discounts, promos, and more are not revealed until 11/25. But here’s a little something for you loyal Deal Item readers. We bring you teasers! 



From left to right (top to bottom:


Wine Chiller -under $40

Thermal Coffeemaker - Under $50 plus Free Shipping

A Christmas Carol  - from $5.99 plus Free Shipping

Twilight - From $9.99 plus Free Shipping

Big Bang Theory - From $5.99 plus Free Shipping

42" LED HDTV 1080p 120Hz - Under $650 plus Free Shipping

46" 3D LED HDTV BUNDLE w/ Blu-ray Player & 4 Pairs of 3D Glasses - Under $1400 plus Free Shipping

Canon Compact Digital Camera - Over 55% Off plus Free Shipping

Samsung Notebook - Under $600 plus Free Shipping



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Diamonds USA Black Friday till Cyber Monday Deal



Still another Black Friday treat, Diamonds USA is also jumping into the bandwagon of brands offering amazing deals for this year’s Black Friday. It starts on November 25 (Friday) all the way through November 29 (Tuesday) so you have not only Black Friday but Cyber Monday too. Just key in coupon code “christ10” when purchasing any item to get as much as 10% discount.

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Your Multimedia Buddy

 Are you a multimedia enthusiast? This is the right companion for you!


GATEWAY NV57H22u NOTEBOOK FOR $399 ONLY! introduces you to a great multimedia experience! 

This Gateway Notebook takes you to a higher level of HD entertainment. It's 15.6" LED HD LCD display plays the high resolution movies like you're in the big screen! The new USB port works 10x faster! So you get to store or watch your movies with the quality that will surely satisfy you. And the rest of the specs, you can view it at!

It operates under Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel Core I3 Dual Processor, 500 GB Hard drive, 4 GB RAM Memory, 1.3 MP Camera and most of all, the Multi-in-one Digital Media Card Reader! It can read your SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro and xD! Amazing!

Only 1 allowed purchase per household! UNTIL 13 OCTOBER ONLY!

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Domain Registration for only .99 cents

If you’re shopping for web hosting, domain registration, and other related products or services, then you have you thank whatever search option you’ve used for bringing you to Deal


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True it was. 1&1, one of the top Web Hosting solutions providers in the world is offering .99 cents domain registration for the first year to new customers. Compared with other popular companies such as Go Daddy and Network Solutions, you save $10 or even $30 more to have your website domain registered. Aside from this, 1&1 is offering a whole lot more for new domains and domain transfers.



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Maximize Stock of Office Supplies with OfficeMax


OfficeMax offers 20% off on office supplies, items, and equipment. Just enter coupon code SAVEATHON and maximize your office supply stocks.


Make the most out of the promo and purchase needed office devices and equipment too. Pick presentation supplies like boards, wall decals, flip charts, easel pads, board accessories, and business signs as well as number. Buy and install anti-virus software for each computer too. Find markers with marked down prices including pens, pencils, and highlighters. Choose chairs, desks (with or without hutch), and tables too.

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Gaming Headset at $30 Off

Getting the Gears of Wars 3 Game? Why not play the game with a top notch game headset like Logitech G330? And if we say you can get this gaming headset for only $19.99, I’m sure you’ll be up with your game all day!


We heard the news from Best Buy is offering the item at 30% off from the original price of $49.99.

The Logitech G330 features an adjustable behind-the-head design with a 30mm drives that fits your ears securely and comfortably. Optimal sound including noise cancelling capability is made possible through a neodymium magnet and a cardioid microphone. It’s 94dB sensitivity creates a powerful sound. It responses with a 40Hz - 18kHz frequency for a superb sound reproduction. In-line audio controls allow volume adjustment without having to stop the game.

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