The Samsung WEP490 4 in 1 Bundle with $20 Mail in Rebate

Do you own a Samsung phone?

Then this 4 in 1 bundle is perfect for your mobile device. tells us that you can get the Samsung WEP490 Bluetooth headset, a headset stand, a micro USB vehicle charger, and a belt carrying clip case from

 The bundle is offered at $49.99 but with you get a mail in rebate by completing this form here. The mail in rebate is available from 9/1 up to 11/30 of this year.

You have two options to receive the product. One, you can take advantage of the same day shipping and delivery option. Second, you may opt to order online and drop by a store to pick up your item. To find a local store, click here.

You’ll find the Samsung WEP490 Bluetooth headset to be an amazing product. You can experience crystal clear audio, background noise reduction technology, and 7 hours of battery life with this item. It’s actually worth $39.99 by itself but you get 3 additional items for just $10 more. And with the $20 mail in rebate, you save so much more.

So buy your Samsung WEP490 4 in 1 bundle now! I'm sure you're gonna love it.

Blu Ray is a Must

Every home must have at least one Blu-ray disc player. Why? If it’s not Blu-ray, then it’s no good. We’re just kidding of course. But I’m sure how Blu-ray is over ten times better than any other video format. So if you want to watch films to relax and enjoy, nothing beats Blu-ray discs.



So if you’re looking for a matching Blu-ray disc player, buy the Panasonic DMP-BD75. tells us that you can buy this item for only $59.90. Save $38.10 from the original price of $98.



The product supports CinemaNow, Vudu, and NetFlix so you can stream videos all you want. It also features a USB port which supports other devices, an HDMI port for high definition television, speakers, and other devices, and Ethernet connectivity so you can watch videos online through your T.V. screen. Fantastic isn’t it? 




Fantastic isn’t it?

Get the new stylish Panasonic DMP-BD75 Blu-ray disc player for only $59.90 at Shop and compare. I’m sure you won’t find this cheaper anywhere else.

Shoot and Shop at Canon’s eStore is letting us know about Canon’s treat for camera and video products. It’s 20% off on all accessories for your camera and video device from Canon. It’s free shipping too! Just key in the corresponding code when ordering through Canon’s eStore and you’ve got yourself a treat.

Choose among a wide range of accessory products cases, straps, bags, filters, batteries, chargers, kits, adapters, cables, memory cards, tripods, stands, remote controllers, transmitters, and accessories for lens, flash, viewing, and other parts.

You can check all available accessories here.

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Deal runs through 9/11/11 until 9/13/11 only.

The Power of Four with this USB Hub!


No pun intended to the Power of Six sci-fi movie, but this item is a bigger hit than the film. The VIBE Axcess USB hub offers not one, not two, not three, but four ports for your USB! It can connect up to four devices via USB all at the same time! All four devices get connected in one USB hub through its DC current 5V 500 mA output. With a USB 2.0 interface, data transfer speed is as fast as 480 Mb/s. In case you’re still using and old computer, it is also reversibly backwards compatible with USB 1.1. You don’t have to worry about upgrading your computer’s hardware or adding any software to make the hub compatible with your equipment. Compact and portable with a black colored design, you can also bring it along with you wherever you go.

What’s even more amazing on top of these is that this US hub is offered by This unique deal website allows prices to drop each time. No one knows when and no one knows how. Why? They just want to bring all the best deals in the world in dropping prices.

This product’s price had dropped twice already in the past two days. Are you going to wait until the next price drop? Better not as it may not be there anymore!






Go For Samsung Galaxy Tab!

Are you among the lucky ones who got the HP Touchpad? If not, you can get over it fast. Move on to Samsung Galaxy! This is also worth it, I can attest. ALLDEALSCOUPONS.COM BROADCASTS SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB FOR $279.99 ONLY! But as you check, it's current discounted price is $349.99. This is also a good 20% off for this amazing gadget. Free shipping is a plus.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 WiFi is operating under (Android) Froyo 2.2. As reviews say, this 7" Tab is very portable that you can actually carry anytime because it is really lightweight, has clear screen for better viewing pleasure, good 1.3 MP front and 3 MP rear camera and video quality that is supported by Flash 10.1 that must not be compromised as you purposely watch loads of clips. Its specifications include a 16GB internal memory + 512MB RAM, a microSD slot that is expandable to up to 32GB, Bluetooth and WiFi. Since it operates in the Android interface, you can easily download apps from the Android market. There is much variety in this OS, and navigation is easy as well.  Its bonus feature is its chic white case. For more features, you have to try this yourself!

If's current price is higher than what mentioned, never worry because you can get it for $250 even! A secondhand one won't have an issue. A refurbished one may suffice as well. With, you have lots of options and it's up to your urge to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi.

A High Definition Camcorder for as Low as $19.99!



If you love taking photos and videos, you’re going to love this RCA camcorder. This refurbished item features a 720 p HD video recording, editing, and streaming capacity with a 1280 x 721 video resolution. You can take great shots too with a 3 MP camera, digital zoom, and low light sensitivity. It also features a slim and sleek design with a stylish 2.0 inch LCD color screen.

For complete product specifications, check RCA’s website through the link below:

RCA EZ209HD HD Camcorder Product Features and Specifications

Purchasing the item comes with a battery made of high grade Lithium-ion, a charger, an audio/video (AV) cable, a USB cable extension for the HDMI port, a wrist strap, and a carry along pouch.




Original Price Range: $99


The deal is only available in 15 more hours and counting down.

So don’t wait until it’s over, buy this HD camcorder now and start shooting videos like a pro!



Be Among the Lucky 100 to Get a Touch Pad offers 100 touch pad on sale today. Be among the lucky ones to purchase and item and be the envy of everyone you know. Well, it’s no wonder why. The touch pad provides the portability of a mobile phone combined with the performance of a notebook. You get the latter without the weight and bulk of laptops, net books, and notebooks.

Just hear the touch screen feature alone and that will bring everyone nuts. Yes, everyone because owns and must own something touch screen. It could be a touch screen phone or a touch screen tablet PC. If you have an item in between these two, is there anything else you need?

Bring a Touch Pad wherever you go like a mobile phone. Surf the internet, chat, email, and stream music as well as videos like a laptop. All these without being too heavy like the latter and too light like the former.


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