Save over $100 with HP Laptop and Netbook



With the quick ship laptop and notebook PCs feature from HP, not only do you receive your products fast (free 2-day shipping); you save over $100 on most items. There are actually 22 HP laptops and netbooks up for grabs. You can check them all out when you click here




Among all products listed, save the most with the steel gray aluminum HP Pavilion dv6-6136nr Notebook PC. Save 20% (or that’s $150) from the original price. It’s now currently available only $599.




Bring home an HP laptop or netbook today and save over $100!





BOGO on Clothing for Men and Women at PacSun



It’s buy one get one (BOGO) free for selected apparel for men and women at PacSun. Look for the logo below for the denim BOGO sale for both men and women.


It’s also BOGO free for men’s fleece, button downs, jackets, and long sleeves. But don’t worry ladies; it’s 40% off for you on women’s products. See restrictions below the banner poster.


Christmas or not, ‘tis the season to be shopping, and with PacSun (Pacific Sun), you can purchase as many items as you want with it’s buy one get one promo.


Buy one and get one now!



Tiger Direct Christmas Clearance Sale


The Tiger Direct Christmas clearance sale begins now! Save on notebooks, tablets, HDTVs, desktop PCs, computer monitors, hard drives, cameras, mouse, keyboards, routers, flash drives, webcams, video cards, disk drives, hubs, headphones, network adapters, hand held devices for home phones, AC adapters, blenders, notebook cases, and so much more. You can actually see the entire list of items when you click here.


It doesn’t stop here. Stay tuned for the 72Hr After Christmas Overstock Blowout on 12/25 and the After Christmas Clearance SALE on 12/26.


Meanwhile, don’t just feast your eyes on featured items, buy now!



60% off Zone Alarm Software Products


It’s 60% off on most Zone Alarm security software products including Antivirus and Firewall, Internet Security Suite, and Extreme Security. No codes needed. No expiration date...yet. The promo is good while the site offers it. To know how much each item costs before, how much their prices are now, and how much you save – click here!


With all the Christmas shopping online, you never know what kind of harmful software had hit your computer until it’s over! So make sure your PCs and Macs are safe for all the holiday online activities.


Install Zone Alarm security products now and save 60% when you buy today!




Backup, Access, and Share Files Anywhere with Sugar Sync


Cloud storage is no longer exclusive for huge companies. It’s now available for everyone. So if you’re looking for an option to backup, access, and share your files anywhere you go, to and from various devices including computers, laptops, mobile phones, and other portable devices – then Sugar Sync is the sweetest syncing software for you. Aside from the 30-day free trial, Sugar Sync is also offering a 10% discount for your first year. You can choose which plan will be the best when you click here.



Sugar Sync and cloud storage allows you to sync all devices together through the web. Download while on the go and never miss anything. Your work progress is there when you reach home.


Subscribe now to sweet Sugar Sync!


Save $700 with a MacBook Air through Plus Free FedEx Saturday Delivery Today! will have you save as much as $700 with the Mac Blowout Sale. Save hundreds of dollars on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. It includes the 13.3” Apple MacBook Air with 2.13GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 256GB Flash Storage, and NVIDIA GeForce 320M. This brand new computer is equipped with Mac OS Snow Leopard but you can have it upgraded for FREE to Mac OS Lion. Purchase this Mac when you click here. For the other MacBooks on sale, look for this icon below:

If you order today, it’s free FedEx Saturday delivery too. The free shipping deal is valid only until 6 PM Pacific Time.

Click here for more details.




Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 with $100 Discount and Free Shipping


Adobe is offering a discount of $100 with free shipping when you order the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 before 01/03 (2012).


This software is a great assistant for both amateur and professional photographers. It allows modern editing for images and videos. Functionality includes editing tone or color to a more crisp and sharp image or video. For videos, noise reduction feature is also included. For the finale, you can create layouts for printed versions, image and movie slideshows with audio integration, and it’s also integrated with online image and video sharing sites as well as social networks.


Buy your Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 and save $100!


$25 Gift Certificate for only $1

This is the lowest price ever for the $25 gift certificate. If you remember, we’ve featured this twice in just the past few days. First it was offered at $3 ( $25 Gift Certificate for as Low as $3) and next it was down to $2 ($25 Gift Certificate from for only $2). Now, it’s available at an amazing price of only $1! It can’t be any better than that but who knows, may even lower the prices in the next few days?



For the meantime, you shouldn’t miss this spectacular deal. It’s only valid until 12/24 with the promo code JOY. Share the joy with someone else. You can give it as a gift or you may have it for yourself. Either way, better buy the $25 gift certificate for only $1 while it lasts! Click here






Save $300 for the Panasonic Lumix at

Among deals available at today, the Panasonic Lumix is a standout. This brand new camera is currently offered at only $1,189.99 and comes with free shipping too. Save 20% or that’s exactly $309.96 from its original price of $1,499.95. Deal is valid only until 12/26.


The black Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 is equipped with a 16.1 MP mirror less camera body with a 14 mm – 140 mm lens kit. It also features a 3" touch screen LCD display screen, 10x optical zoom capacity, optical (IS) & HDMI port.



Buy from now!


Books and Hardcover Books at Kodak



Kodak lets you capture memorable photos into books. Hardcover books are currently offered with 20% discount. This deal ends 12/24. But don’t worry. It will be back by 12/27 for yet a bigger discount. From 12/27 to 01/04 (2012), books will be available at 25% off through the Kodak Gallery. You can start creating a photo book when you click here.


Relive family get-togethers (this Christmas), create picture perfect recipe books, or simply collect photos of family and friends in books. With Kodak, you can design and print hardcover books which lasts longer any digital copy.

Let the Kodak Gallery reminisce with you! 



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