Clearance Holiday Sale for Accessories at Target

Another Target feature: holiday sale for accessories. Find items priced for as low as $6.48. 219 items are actually up on sale for both the website online and in Target store locations nationwide.













Browse through a wide selection of jewelries and accessories including bracelets, clutch, cold weather gloves, cosmetic bags, ear bands, earmuffs, earrings, handbag, hats, jewelry collections, laptop bags, messenger bags, necklaces, rings, scarves, totes, tote-style laptop bags, wallet, and wristlet. You can further filter out the products based on color, size, brand, price, consume ratings, and whether they are available online or in stores.


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Save up to 82% with Ladies Bags, Wallets, and Charms at Modnique














There’s just a little over an hour left before the Modnique deal expires. So hurry now and purchase ladies bags, wallets, and charms at drop low prices. Save as much as 82% on popular brands including Nico LA, Tomodachi, Tres Sweet, and Vaunt. You’ll find various colors, sizes, styles, and designs. You can browse through the whole collection of sale items by clicking here.


Browse through the entire site too and find apparel, accessories, shoes, beauty products, gifts, and all other goods for both men and women. I’m sure there’s something you can find for yourself or for someone else this Christmas.


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Monday Mania from


We know we’ve been featuring a lot about lately. See It’s Black Friday 3 at and Final Friday Deals from But we can’t get enough of the best deals in town. For jewelry, deals are the ones to beat. With its Monday Mania deal, you’ll find 247 jewelry items which will have you save as much as 90%. Order today and get a free Christmas delivery too.


Find rings, earrings, pendants & necklaces, bracelets, engagement & wedding jewelry, watches & accessories, diamond pieces, and so much more. You can actually see the entire collection of sale items by clicking here.


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Je Gem 25% off Bracelets and Turquoise Jewelry










One more great deal from Je Gem is its 25% off bracelets and Turquoise jewelry. There are actually four different promo codes for this. All of them are valid until 12/31. More details below:


  1. Turquoise & Garnet jewelry with code JGTG25
  2. Citrine & Turquoise jewelry with code JGCT25
  3. Tennis bracelets with code JGTBR25
  4. All other bracelets with code JGBR25


To view the whole selection for each of the deals, click on the link found above. You’ll find hundreds of items on sale for the whole month of December. Browse through the entire selection and you’ll surely find jewelry pieces for you or for someone special.


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Up to 80% off at Je Gem Christmas Jewelry Mega Sale


Save as much as 80% off at Je Gem Christmas jewelry mega sale. The deal runs for two days only, that’s from 12/17 and 12/18.


Better shop early to get the best jewelry pieces before everyone else does and before they run out of stock. Find jewelry made from different gem stones including abalone, agate, amber, amethyst, drusy, garnet, jasper, lapis, moonstone, mystic topaz, opal, rose quartz, ruby, tourmaline, turquoise, and so much more. You’d be mesmerized to know how many gem stones there are in the world. And Je Gem has most of them refined into jewelry pieces. Shop for your birthstone or be amazed with the healing power of specific gem stones.


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Hundreds of Amazing Deals from Newegg


If you’re tired of those one deal a day sites which can offer you nothing but one single deal every dragging day, then these amazing deals from Newegg will have you refreshed. Hundreds of items are literally offered at discounted prices which no other site can beat.


Find deals on computers, PC components, peripherals, home theater, electronics, home & outdoor products, jewelry & watches, toys & games, and so much more. What’s also amazing with Newegg is its shopping guide. They don’t simply sell stuff to you; they show you how to buy it.


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Final Friday Deals from

You still have a few more hours left to order before it expires. That’s at 11:59 PM. is offering amazing discounts for its jewelry items today. You'll save hundreds of dollars for jewelry pieces. Save as much as 90% on jewelry if you order right now. 212 items are up for grabs. If you order over $150, you get a free gift as well (see photo below). Also, each item comes with a free Christmas delivery too. You can check the collection here.



These Final Friday Deals from is something you shouldn’t miss if you’re eyeing for jewelry this Christmas. Buy now before it's over!




20% off All Orders at Limoges Jewelry




It’s 20% off all orders at Limoges Jewelry. Just enter promo code DIAMOND to avail of the discount. This deal is valid until 01/07/2012. It’s free shipping too for all purchases over $60. You get a free engraving and you’re entitled to a 90 day return as well.


You won’t find it anywhere inscribed on the site. But we know? How? We’ve got insiders working for us from the site. Kidding aside, better try it to find out. Limoges Jewelry is the best place for customized and personalized jewelry handcrafted with engravings just for you.


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It’s 10% off All Orders at Super Jeweler




Jewelries are timeless and they are great as gifts for any season, including Christmas. So if you’re looking for timeless pieces, Super Jeweler is here for you. It’s 10% off all orders on the site when you use deal code SAVE10SJ. The promo lasts until 12/31.





What you’ll find are wedding jewelry, bridal party jewelry, matching wedding bands, earrings, eternity bands, men’s jewelry, jewelry ensembles, fashion jewelry, animal jewelry, rings, pendant, bracelets, and more. As for the gemstones, you’ll see pearls, silver, blue & black diamond, white gold, and a more gems. You might want to take a look around the site too for more deals.






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Free Shipping Karma from KarmaLoop

You’ll get nothing but good karma for shopping at First, it’s free shipping on all orders. Second, it’s 20% off for orders over $125 plus free shipping with a $15 gift code. Third, it’s 30% discount for orders over $250 with free shipping and a $25 gift code. Just use promo code BALLINOUT to avail of the discount and gift codes. The gift codes are emailed to you within 24 hours after your purchase and will be valid for use within the next 48 hours after.


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