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It’s a great gift idea for everyone who loves to dine. You can even purchase it for yourself. You can buy and mail gift cards or e-gift cards. Both of which can be redeemed in over 18,000 restaurants nationwide. Check out the list of participating restaurants and find out where you can dine with your gift certificate.


Dine for $25 and pay only $3, only through!


$100 Gift Certificate from offers this amazing treat for new customers who will purchase over $100. Get a gift certificate worth $100 if you are a new member.


After purchasing (tax, shipping, & sub-total not included) items, just redeem your gift certificate together with the redemption code which will be sent to you via email. As for the participating restaurants, you may have to look it up through’s list.


Promo is valid only for new customers so if you haven’t shop at yet, now’s the chance to do so. They provide services for banners & signs, bookmarks, brochures, business cards, calendars, catalogs & booklets, club card flyers, flyers, greeting cards, postcards, posters, stickers, and so much more. See the complete list of products here.


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Eat, Drink, and Save Money at lets you save eat, drink, and save money this Black Friday. Buy gift certificates worth $25 for only $2. Just enter the code SAVE upon checkout.

Promo is just in time for Black Friday. So if you’ve scoured shopping malls for the best Black Friday offerings, you’re probably tired at the end of the day. Take advantage of’s deal and eat or drink for only $2. You can even give the gift certificates to family and friends. I’m sure every Black Friday will appreciate a meal or a drink worth $25 after a shopping day.

Better hurry. This promo is only valid from 11/24 up to 11/27 only.

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Two for dinner? $20 only at Mimi's Cafe- Offer ends SOON!

If you live in these states ( the ones highlighted in brown) then you're in luck! Mimi's Cafe Restaurant is having a promotional event that will end on November 17th,2011! is sharing with us this printable coupon 

from Mimi's Cafe Restaurant that is valid in all the above brown states and offers two 'Tour de Paris' a la carte dinner entrees for only $20 but only after 4pm until closing time! You can bring your loved one and enjoy a little bit of french cuisine without breaking the bank. The coupon is covering only the entrees and not the taxes and gratuities. You can also save on the family outing for the next 2 days if you present this coupon to the server. 

I browse through and they have endeed a lot of delicious entrees, so once you're there you'll want to taste from everything and at least you'll have this coupon to save you some money Smile!

This offer ends soon so please check out our link:

Who wants tasty pizza for a great price?

Does this cut remind you of something? When you check your Sunday newspaper's inserts and you see a good deal, what do you do? You rip it off or you cut it out ...right? Well I tried to make it look like that, like a newspaper insert cut out! Why? Because Pizza Hut is offering this October very good deals. If you still haven't found out on their page what are the pizza deals, can help you choose from the unexpired deals. For example:

2 Liter Soda and Breadsticks for only $5, Any Pizza, Any size, any topping for only $10 and if you sign up for Hut Lovers email program you'll get a coupon for a FREE treat but only if you sign up until Nov 1, 2011!


Pizza Hut has a rewards point system and if you order online you have the chance to earn double points and that entitles you to a free pizza!!! And another deal is the $11 Large Works or Tuscan Six Cheese Pizza! So isn't that a great price for a tasty and big pizza? If pizza is not enough you can order p'zones, pasta and of course wings, now with 8 intense flavors!


Bake Me a Wish 15% off Birthday Coupons


As always, we feature nothing but the most viewed coupons and deals in this site. With Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner (well, not to mention the Christmas holidays as early as October), cakes are in season. shares about this deal from You get 15% off with the coupon code FLL115. When you order two or more cakes, you get 10% off discount too.



Besides the coming season, these cakes are perfect as a birthday treat. Bake Me a Wish even donates 5% of your order to the Soldier’s Angels organization. Soldier’s Angels by the way, supports our troops that are being shipped off overseas. Members of the organization provide aid and bring comfort to all troops in the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and even veterans as well as their families.

So why not get your Bake Me a Wish cake today? Treat yourself, someone you love, and our troops too.

Three More Reasons to Enjoy Pizza Hut



We’re writing about not 1, not 2, but 3 more reasons to enjoy Pizza Hut. is sharing the coupon code 3A so you can get 2 medium sized Pizza Hut pizzas with two toppings for only $5.99 each. So off we go to Pizza Hut’s website to check. In our quest to have it validated, we’ve found out 3 more reasons to enjoy Pizza Hut. By the way, the 3A coupon does work.


The other 3?

 1.    $10 ANY Deal – You can get ANY pizza, ANY size, and ANY toppings for only $10! This applies to pizza ordered for dine in, delivery, or carry out.


 2.    Love the X Factor show? Pizza Hut does too. The $5 Deal gives you the chance to win tickets for the X Factor Finale. Just add any 2 liter bottle of Pepsi and a bread stick.

 3.    Wing Wednesday

We’ve mentioned this before in one of our older post entries. Yes, it is still on-going. Chicken wings up for grabs at only $.50c each every Wednesday.


There you go folks. Three more reasons to love Pizza Hut. I’m sure there’s more but that’s about it for now. Enjoy your pizza!


Here’s Something Starbucks Lovers Can Drink About has been voting a Starbucks promo related post. Starbucks lovers can have something to drink about. You get 10% discount for your first purchase with the coupon code STNPWEKD. If you’d like an ice cream after your coffee, receive either $.75 cents or $1 off an in-store purchase with a printable coupon. If you have a business, you can also take advantage of free printable business cards.

Here’s where you redeem the ice cream deals:



This promo is sponsored by Unilever US.


That’s not all. Find more deals and discounts for Starbucks from other companies. Read all about them in Dealigg through this page.


Starbucks is also brewing its own promos. You’ll find more reasons to start sipping your next frappuccino, cappuccino, espresso, chocolate, tea, brewed coffee, and so much more. 


Need a Starbucks store location? Click here.

Hurry, deals expire faster than you think.

Falling Satellite and Tijuana Flats?


No one wants to be hit by a falling satellite. But don’t worry in case you were by the NASA satellite YMMV. The satellite will be broken and scattered into smaller pieces by the time it passes by the earth’s atmosphere. So get ready with your cameras and capture the moment while it lasts.


Tijuana Flats has been sending emails about it too. A member tells us about it here. Their weather forecast says, “Sunny with a chance of space debris.” In case you get hit the small debris, well not you but your home or business, you get free tacos for one whole year!


Capture a proof in film and get free tacos from 9/26/11 up to 9/30/2012 next year. You get 2 tacos per week for the whole 52 weeks period. It’s not valid with other discounts and promos however. Read more about it here.

So watch out for falling debris and get free tacos the whole year from Tijuana Flats!

Pizza Party Anyone?

Everyone is sure to have a pizza party with these printable coupons from They feature pizza promos only from the world’s number pizza, Pizza Hut.


Savor any pizza flavor, any size, and any type of topping for only $10. The $10 Any Pizza Promo is even available for delivery now too. So you can order for everyone.


Want chicken with your pizza? Add chicken wings for only .50c per wing every Wing Wednesday.

What about drinks? Sip soft drinks and bite into bread sticks for only $5.



Accommodating more friends and family than what you originally knew? Don’t worry, Pizza Hut Catering is on its way too. Check out the menu for the Get a Lot for a Little Promo and see how affordable group Pizza meals are. Serving portions are offered for 8, 16, 32, and 48 people.


Is there anything else we’ve missed? You! Start ordering your Pizza Hut now!


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