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Guess what! Some really cool iPhone apps are now much cheaper than they used to be! Sounds like loads of fun! These apps run at about .99 cents. That is a few dollars taken off the original price. And these apps are really fun and cool. For those of you that aren't aware of iPhone apps; they are really really fun! Super addictive games and other things that make life easier and more fun. For example the Gardening Toolkit helps you keep track of your garden! It lets you know the weather, how much to water the plants, everything you need to know to let your garden flourish! There also are purely entertaining games available like Golf Battle 3D. You can play some virtual golf while your waiting for a bus or just pass some time playing this fun game. The world of iPhone apps are truly endless and some go around 5 bucks. But these cool apps mentioned above and more are available right now for only .99 cents!


So much fun awaits you when you buy one of these discounted iPhone apps. You save money AND have fun at the same time. Who wouldn't want to buy these? Unfortunately they only work if you have an iPhone but for iPhone users, you're in luck! They are super cheap, super fun, and can be used by any skill level person. So head on over to the link provided and get some really cool, discounted, fun apps for you iPhone!


For a limited time only save on LG HDTVs


                This great deal expires March 26th, 2011 on Amazon.com, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it! You can save up to 20% on this HDTVs from LG. And also you can choose if you want to buy a new one, used ones or refurbished ones. Depends on your pocket! I realize that March Madness is coming ( with NBA and other sports) so, you probably going to indulge yourself with a High-definition TV. From the reviews I can tell you that lots of prople like LG brand. It's good quality at a discounted price!

Now why you want to shop from Amazon.com and not from other sites? Because they are one of the most trusted online shopping sites and they strive to offer you the best customer experience ever! Also,you can schedule your own delivery time, save on shipping, low prices guaranteed and something significant if you are not satisfied free returns on TVs and home theatres.

Please click on the dealitem.com link to take advantage of the discounts on select LG HDTVs
















Consider this gadget powered by Google Android v2.1 Operating System


If you love mobility and and very good operating systems, than the Augen 10.2' Netbook has to be your choice, espacially when you have the opportunity to owe it for $99.99 . Yes, it's for real!!! Dealitem.com together with 1saleaday.com made it possible and they will take off 73% from the retail price of $260.00. But again, exactly how it writes on the website 1saleaday.com you have less than 8 hours to get it! So hurry up!...You need more convincing, ok.

This netbook provides a stable computing platform and makes it easy to check email, share photos, surf the Internet, and more. It features a 10.2-inch 1024×600 color TFT screen, the netbook is packed with a 2GB internal memory and 256MB DDR2 Ram. Wi-Fi connectivity with full web browsing capability makes it easy to stay connected while preloaded office applications allow you to create and edit documents. A great choice for students as well as business travelers who like to travel light, Augen makes it easy to stay productive wherever you are.

Oh, I almost forgot, they even offer free shipping! Now you're convinced? So go check out this link and have a happy surfing on the Internet!


iPad 2 is flying off the shelves


"iPad 2 is flying off the shelves due to higher than expected demand. If you waited in line for hours only to be instructed to visit the store another day, you should mark your calendar tomorrow as Apple is rumored to be opening its retail stores one hour early tomorrow for iPad sales. Tipsters told Apple ***** that the stores are re-stocking today with new iPad 2 shipments as the company prepares for dedicated iPad 2 sales tomorrow."
This is yesterday news, as I'm reading today and see that already people lined up in front of the stores and the lucky ones got their hands on an iPad 2 and the less fortunate ones, maybe they'll get it tomorrow or they can buy it online and wait a few weeks to be delivered (5-6 weeks). This way they get rid of the hassle of staying in line early in the morning. On the www.9to5mac.com page they are reports that Apple cannot cop with the high demand and that employees are telling people that they will have iPads 2 in stores tomorrow, though. So, some locations have it and some don't. It's up to you to go check it out, but first stop by dealitem.com and then by spoofee.com to see if they have great deals online for iPad2. Good luck on getting the notorious iPad 2!!! 




Do you like to get anything with a click of a button?

Dealitem.com together with 1Saleaday.com is giving you the chance to owe this nifty gadget called the RedEye Mini Plug-in Universal Remote Adapter for Phone, for only $9.99. But as you might guess from the 1saleaday.com site it's only for today. I just went on it and they have a timer saying that we only have 8 hours and 36 min and counting to get this very good deal! An indeed it's a good deal because the list price is $79.99, so there you have a 88% discount. WOW!!!

This Mini Plug-in Universal Remote Adapter is allowing you to control you TV, Stereo (the stereo in your car, too), Cable box, DVD Player, phone, iPad, iTouch and many other devices that receive standard infrared signals, (that's why it's called RedEye). The convenience is huge because is small and you can use it anywhere, at work, at home, on a vacation or business trip. I'm convinced that as soon as you lay the hands on it you'll never let it go! So, go check out dealitem.com and 1saleaday.com and grab it 'till you have time! TIC TAC...


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