Dell President’s Day Deal Sale

It’s the President’s Day Deal Sale at Dell. Save 30% off for all monitors when you purchase a desktop. It’s free ground shipping too. This deal starts on Friday, 2/17 at 11 AM EST and ends on Tuesday 2/21, also at 11 AM EST. There’s neither coupon nor code required. The discount is automatically applied during the promo period. In fact, it’s free ground shipping for all desktops and promos during the same duration. Use other existing coupon codes and you save even more including the 20% off deal for all desktops priced at $400 and up.

Click here to learn more about this promo. 


February Deals at Comp and Save

Comp and Save features February deals you can take advantage of until the end of this month, 2/29. Let’s get the ball rolling! Read on below and find out how much you can save on various promos.

What You Get:

You get 10%, 15%, and 20% off plus free shipping too.

It’s 10% off any order with the coupon code CAS10.

It’s 15% off on all orders of over $50 with the code CAS15.

It’s 20% off on orders of over $100 with the code CAS20.

Make sure to enter the codes upon checkout to take advantage of the discounts.

Plus, it’s free shipping for all orders of over $50. No codes needed.

All deals are valid until 2/29.

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Avoid Red Light and Speed Camera Tickets


Hey everyone, here’s yet another revolutionary you’re going to read about first here at Deal Item. The PhotoBlocker spray saves you money on red light and speed camera tickets. Just spray on the product on your license plate and it will guarantee your cars safety over surveillance shots from traffic cameras. Click here to buy this product!

How does it work? The product reflects traffic camera flash but is invisible to naked eye. No one will suspect you have sprayed the item onto your license plate. It saves you money from speeding and beating the red light tickets. It’s a cheaper alternative to expensive anti-camera license plates covers. Don’t be the last to have one. Click here to buy the revolutionary PhotoBlocker spray!


Air and Water $10 off $100

Here’s Air and Water’s Valentine deal – save $10 off order of over $100 with the promo code VDAY2012. Click here to take advantage of this deal. It’s free shipping too. Click here for the free shipping center. Hurry, deal ends by 2/9!


Air and Water offers various home products for heating, thermostats, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, air purifiers, ice makers, water dispensers, wine coolers, air conditioning, evaporative cooling, electric fans, vacuum cleaners, home appliances, and so much more. You can shop based on the type of product available, by brand, by room size in square feet or other measurements, product size, price, capacity, and other product specifications. Click here to browse through all products available. 

25% off Adobe CS5.5 Design Premium Full


Students and professionals should take advantage of this deal from Adobe. Save 25% off the Adobe CS5.5 Design Premium Full when you purchase before 2/6. Get the product for $474 only on the regular version or $112 for the student and teachers edition. This is a one day affair only so better buy now before the deal expires. Click here to learn more about this deal, this product, or to start buying.

Adobe brings you various other products, solutions, learning tools, and downloads. The CS5.5 Design contains Adobe products including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, DreamWeaver, Flash Professional, Flash Catalyst, Fireworks, Acrobat, Bridge, and Device Central. Click here to buy now!



Valentine’s Day Special from NBC Universal Store

Save 20% off various fan gear or items as well as DVDs at the NBC Universal store with the code VDAY20. Make sure to order by 2/3 to be able to receive it by 2/14. Just in time for Valentine’s. Click here to check out all fan items and DVDs you can be able to purchase and save 20% for.


Find items for featured shows. Get gift cards, bobble heads, t-shirts, Olympics theme, props from the set of popular NBC shows, movie merchandise, retro, and so much more. Click here to browse through all items available.

10% off and More for Home Theater Systems

It’s another deal. Buy selected home theater systems and get amazing discounts or freebies. It’s 10% off on the Bose Lifestyle T20 Black Home Theater System and the Polk Audio SurroundBar6000 Instant Home Theater. If you buy selected Sony home theater systems as well, you are entitled to $200 off on the Sony Home Share wireless network speaker. Click on the following links below to take advantage of your discounts:

Bose Lifestyle T20 Black Home Theater System

Polk Audio SurroundBar6000 Instant Home Theater

Sony home theater systems


Time to upgrade your home theater system or if you don’t have any yet, now is the time to do so. Click on the links above and take advantage of these deals.

Free 3D Blu-ray Players and More


Purchase selected TVs at and get free items bundled with your purchase. Buy chosen Sharp TVs and receive a free 3D Blu-ray player. You may also take advantage of the Plasma and LED Triple Treat promos. Check out the list of Plasma or LED TVs on sale and get a free 3D Blu-ray player and 2 free 3D glasses. Click here for the Sharp deal or click here for the Plasma and LED TV deal.



It’s time to upgrade your old TV today or you can buy a whole new set. Click on the links above to take advantage of this deal.




10% off StudioPress Pro Plus All Theme Package

Get 10% off your purchase of the Pro Plus All Theme package from StudioPress. Just use the promo code TEN to avail of your 10% discount from the current price offering of $299.95. This deal will have you save as much $800 worth of themes. All 44 themes from StudioPress will be included in the package. Plus, you are entitled for all future themes to be designed for free. You save for the past, the present, and the future too. It’s technically unlimited everything. Click here to begin your purchase of the StudioPress Pro Plus All Theme Package.

TV Deals from Target

Here’s yet another deal from Target – get discounts for television products. You can shop for TVs, DVD & Blu-ray players, home theaters, portable video players, streaming media players, mounts, HDMI cables, TV stands, net boxes, remote controls, antennas, tuners, converters, projectors, screens, and other TV related products or accessories. You can even find installation services. Deal is valid until 1/28

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Find everything you need on TVs and videos. Search for TVs with various sizes, prices, and types. These include LCD TVs, LED TVs, 3D TVs, plasma TVs, and so much more.

Click here to solve your TV needs. 


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