You Got To Have This Limited Edition Nike MAG!



Here's your chance to get a Limited Edition Nike Shoes! LIMITED EDITION 2011 NIKE MAG SHOES ON EBAY! This is inspired by Back to the Future II and proceeds will go to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

This is double purpose! You've had your new pair of shoes and you get to help a foundation. And this pair is not just any, because everyday, they are just going to release 150 pairs. Only 150 per day for 10 days! Truly Limited. This auction has started from 08 Sept so you have until the 18th Sept to keep one! If you check their bidding site, hosted by eBay, it is somehow costly as the bid is thousand dollars. But 100% of this will go directly to the foundation, which is the good part. If you really want to donate, this is your biggest chance! In cooperation with Nike, this is really an honor.

This 2011 Limited Edition Nike MAG pair is lightweight and comes in stylish gray and white. Nike designer Tinker Hatfield and footwear innovator Tiffany Beers came up with an interesting pair based on the actual shoes from the movie Back to the Future II. So this comes with an electroluminescent outsole ans a rechargeable internal battery that will last up to 3000 hours! This battery will light up the braning on the tongue and sole. One very futuristic pair! You can check out the teaser video at this eBay site. We have to thank for this great press release!

So if you want to bid, check eBay now! Who knows, you might fly back to the future!

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