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Who wants tasty pizza for a great price?

by Bargain 22. October 2011 00:26

Does this cut remind you of something? When you check your Sunday newspaper's inserts and you see a good deal, what do you do? You rip it off or you cut it out ...right? Well I tried to make it look like that, like a newspaper insert cut out! Why? Because Pizza Hut is offering this October very good deals. If you still haven't found out on their page what are the pizza deals, can help you choose from the unexpired deals. For example:

2 Liter Soda and Breadsticks for only $5, Any Pizza, Any size, any topping for only $10 and if you sign up for Hut Lovers email program you'll get a coupon for a FREE treat but only if you sign up until Nov 1, 2011!


Pizza Hut has a rewards point system and if you order online you have the chance to earn double points and that entitles you to a free pizza!!! And another deal is the $11 Large Works or Tuscan Six Cheese Pizza! So isn't that a great price for a tasty and big pizza? If pizza is not enough you can order p'zones, pasta and of course wings, now with 8 intense flavors!


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