How to Shop Using Deals and Coupons to Save Money


If you grocery shop you are starting to notice grocery prices are going up. What used to be $1.99 is now $2.99 or more. You then remember your Grandmother or Mother being coupon clipping queens. You may have thought them silly, and out dated with their coupon clipping craze that was popular in the 1990’s to the 2000’s. No you may be having second thoughts thinking there may be something to it. Now though coupons are making a comeback thanks to the internet, and the major economic downturn where budgets are tight. Using coupons to save is quite easy as long as you keep organized and watch your coupons carefully. Sometimes you think you might have scored with a $1.00 or $2.00 off coupon when you have to buy two or more to get that dollar off. Either way it can still be a bit of a save. We now see that Grandma and Mom were not silly, and it does pay to be a bit frugal saving where you can. For let’s face who doesn’t want to save some money.


To be honest you can truly, truly save using those lovely coupons, and taking advantage of inside deals. There are so many ways you can find deals and get coupons either on of off line. You can find coupons not only for food, but for retail items too like clothes, electronics and mechanics. Here are a few good coupons getting site brought to you by Yahoo.


  • (grocery)
  • Coupon Mom (grocery)
  • Smart Source (grocery)
  • CheapStingyBargains (grocery and retail )
  • Coupon Cabin (grocery)
  • Red Plum (grocery/ restaurants)
  • TheKrazyCouponLady (grocery)
  • Barganist (Retail)
  • RetailMeNot (Retail ) 



Catching Them Deals


Finding great deals on your favorite items on other hand can be time consuming that is if you don’t know where to go to find your deals. The best places to find the best deals on the items you want are to look into website that compile all the great money saving coupons, and hottest bargain deals all in one site. This can save you on a lot of time, and one such site that is said to be good is This website is a compile of great deals from all over the internet on any product you can imagine. The deals are submitted by the consumers themselves. This website is powered by the people for the people as consumers share their hot deal finding on this website.  It is like your one stop shop for finding great deals on everything. Websites like these are really helpful for sometimes deals are not a really great deal. Sometimes manufacturers try to fool you, and with these complied deal websites you can find a few deals on the same item. You can then compare to find the best deal for you.


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