Kmart Online Only Cyber Monday Deal


As early as now, you can start shopping online for kmart’s online only Cyber Monday sale. Save on thousands of items on various categories including electronic goods, entertainment appliance, toys & games, apparel & accessories, jewelry, sports goods & fitness equipment, home & lifestyle products, plus so much more!

You’ll also receive free shipping on all order of at least $49 through the coupon code HOLIDAY. For applicable rectrictions, please read this


So don't wait till it's over. Take advantage of kmart's Cyber Monday deals now!

Kmart Friday and Saturday 2-Day Sale Special


It isn’t Black Friday anymore but this Kmart 2-day sale special for Friday & Saturday 12/2 and 12/3 will have you save big as much as Black Friday did. Thousands of products are offered on sale. You can shop for electronic goods, fitness items, toys, game room products, clothing, apparel, accessories, jewelry, and so much more.

The free shipping offer for qualified orders online is still available. Just use the code HOLIDAY upon checkout when you order over $49 worth of goods.

If you’re still reading this, now is the time! Start shopping for the kmart 2-day sale special and save money this Friday and Saturday.



Solar Garden Light for Gardens and Landscapes is telling us about Kmart’s offer of the Moonrays Solar Garden lights for only $19.99. You get 8 lights at less than $10 from the original price of $29.99. The promo ends 10/8.

Solar garden lights are perfect for landscapes and gardens. These ensure that your garden plants get sufficient lighting even when the sun is out on a cloudy day. Solar garden lights also add aesthetic value to your landscapes.

The Moonrays Solar Garden lights are also designed to make your homes safe and secure. These can be easily installed on garden and garage paths. These are perfect to illuminate paths and can function as layouts for gardens. The lights automatically shed light at night.

This solar garden light is made of durable plastic and comes with heavy duty LED lights and rechargeable batteries. For complete product description, you may check the items’ page at Kmart

Gears of War 3 – Let the Games Begin!



Excited for the official release of Gears of War 3? Let’s add more excitement when you hear about this. Buy a Gears of Wars 3 (that’s $59.99) and get $30 off a 12 month subscription of the game for Xbox 360 (that’s also $59.99). You also get a $20 coupon which can be used for future game purchases.


Read the primer at and read the rest of the details at Kmart Gamer.


More deals:

If you buy a new Limited Edition Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 with 320 GB from Kmart too, you get the Gears of War 3 Triple Pack game for only $29.99.


Promo Validity:

The Gears of War 3 coupon will be distributed starting 9/20 – the anticipated release date of this highly acclaimed game series, until 9/24 only. Redemption is valid from 9/25 until 11/5/11. You have plenty of time gamers.

Let’s all anticipate the game and set the date for 9/20!

Meanwhile, here are more spoiler posters:

Kmart Boots for the Family

This could be the most family oriented treat today. Everyone can have their share of new boots without skipping on any family member. Find a new pair boots for kids. Look for boots for dad. Don’t forget mom’s boot as well. Race for Runway shoes if you want too, just don’t do it literally.

It’s boots for the whole family at 20% off only at Kmart. It’s perfect for fall, in preparation for the winter.

Thank you for letting us know. Scroll down the page and see more Kmart coupons.

Browse through the Kmart 20% off boots selection here:

Check the kids’ selection for boots.

Here’s for dad.

This is for mom.

The Runway shoes go here.

Choose your family’s new boots. But don’t forget to key in the coupon code to claim your discount. Check out other Kmart promos too.

Gather the whole family on your computer now and start shopping!

Coupon is valid until 9/17 only.


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