Book a Hotel This Summer and Save Up to $100 on Gas


Planning a summer trip? Take advantage of this deal from Expedia. Spend a minimum of $150 on a hotel stay and you'll receive a prepaid gas card worth $25, $50, or $100 depending on how much you spend. Just make sure to book by August 31 and travel by September 30, 2012

Spend $150-$249 on a hotel and get $25 prepaid gas card

Spend $250-$449 on a hotel and receive $50 prepaid gas card

Spend $450+ on a hotel and get $100 prepaid gas card

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PetSmart For Your Smart Pets!


I bet your pets are.. Smart! Because PETSMART OFFERS INCREDIBLE DISCOUNTS!

PetSmart is exactly what you need when it comes to grooming your pets. Remember, they are smart so they would probably know what's right for them and this will make them always in the mood. PetSmart offers a wide range when it comes to taking care of your pets. As PetSmart, Inc. (PETM) puts it, they are 'the largest specialty retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets'. Enough said.

You will definitely enjoy being in! So much more for your lovable pets! Any pet, name it. They have for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and even for small pets! Imagine how they care for every pet in US, Canada and Puerto Rico! But never worry, they can also ship to you. They have the accessories you might just need. Surprisingly, they even have PetsHotels and Dog Camps! One luxurious treat to your home buddies! They get to mingle with the rest once in a while. This is really something.

PetSmart will totally develop your pet's awareness to what we usually experience. But of course, this comes with a price. So if you want the best deals, you can check for a list of coupons available, other than those on site.

Here's a quick list of coupons expiring 28 AUGUST:

$3 OFF $10 (BDAY8CAT11)




 Lots more in or linked from below:


Remember, this AUGUST ONLY! Your smart pets will love PetSmart!

A Splashier Summer With Expedia!

We love summer.. It's when we go to beaches, sun bathe at times but not most of the time right? Either we're out at work or just stay at home for the rest of the day. With this everyday, are you somehow tired of summer heat? And your home can't contain anymore? Would you prefer to indulge in the luxury of a hotel? Take this opportunity now! EXPEDIA IS ON SUMMER SALE: UP TO 30% OFF HOTELS + EXTRAS! frequently offers loyal customers some great deals that will make your stay in their partner hotels truly recommendable. For selected reservations, you even get resort credits, spa dollars and other free inclusions. This will make you want more of Expedia! Their website even has some top picks that can go as low as $109 to as high as $319 per night. Not even considered as high because you can get some plus offers.


They have many locations across the US, great accommodation and great service! Taxes apply. Booking ends 04 JULY and travel by 31 JULY. Make your summer a truly memorable one! You can experience what others has to say:

I was frankly skeptical about booking online thru Expedia. . Everything turned out flawlessly and we wish we were still there.

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