JC Penney showers you with savings!

JC Penney has great products at great prices! Their products are high quality and you know you are getting a good item. They also have great sales and you can always get a hold of a killer coupon code! Always remember to look for a coupon code before you checkout at JCPenney or let Dealitem.com guide you and let you know what coupon codes are valid for certain times.

First let me tell you about the coupon that expires tomorrow (07/10)As you see you get $10 off $50 or more! But wait, I saw the same coupon on dealigg.com that expires on 08/10! If you want to get 15% off almost everything at JC Penney than you have to use at checkout the promo code JUN11SUR which expires 08/31!!! Do you like jewelry? Then get ready for extra savings, if you put the promo code JULYGEM, by 07/20 you'll get an extra 10% off!!!

Hurry in the store if you want to take advantage of this freebie! And maybe you'll find other freebies there!



Project starter with Lowes

  This is a good catch for the day! Antirebate.com together with Dealitem.com grabbed it first and they advertise it for Lowes.com. For a limited time only, meaning you have until April 4th, 2011, you'll get $10 off from your purchase of $50 or more with the above coupon that you can print out from Lowes.com!

Before you start smiling under you mustache and thinking of how many coupons you're going to print, I just want to let you know that you can print it only once and it has a unique bar code. But you can share the deal with your friends and relatives and tell them to print out the coupon, too!

This $10 off card or coupon is going to be handy, especially if you're in the process of remodeling your kitchen, for example...like I do!

Please follow the link and it will take you to the right place to print...I'm going, too:


Printable Jamba Juice Coupons!

Ever heard of Jamba Juice? It is a delicious healthy nutritious blended juice restaurant that serves custom drinks. They are made from all natural ingredients and you can even get a boost of energy in your drink too! They are truly delicious. Especially the strawberry and pineapple drinks. Anyone who goes there can agree that these drinks are amazing! Full of flavor but cut out all the bad calories and fat. It is a perfect drink stop. Any fruit you can think of they have ready to make. Any combination of fruits and veggies you can think of they can blend for you. It is custom AND healthy for you! And if you aren't sure what combo you like, just order from the menu. They have a menu of the basics but if you want something taken out or put in, no problem! Your yummy drink is on the way.

So what awesome savings can you get at Jamba Juice you may ask? Well right now if you print out this coupon by following the link you can get TWO smoothies for $5. And these aren't tiny smoothies; they are 16 oz of delicious goodness! That is a crazy deal! These smoothies are so yum that you will be hooked once you try it for the first time. You can visit the link to find out where a Jamba Juice is near your location for easy finding. So what are you waiting for? Super yummy amazing healthy smoothies await you at Jamba Juice for only 5 dollars!


Enjoy a really nice buffet by buying one and getting another one practically FREE!


Hope you are not going to miss out on this great deal!!! 

First thing first, let's check out what this printable card coupon is all about! So, you can enjoy a nice buffet if you pay one regular adult meal price and then get the other one free, whether it be Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner and has to includ one Beverage. Not bad at all, keeping in mind that a buffet will always be a buffet: good food, great variety and plenty for everybody!Smile

I like how in their advertising for the card they quantified how much you would usually spend at the restaurant if not more: $50 Worth of meals with the purchase of the $5 Printable Coupon Card. This card can be used at various locations and restaurants around US, like Old Country Buffet, Ryan's, Fire Mountain, Country Buffet, Granny's Buffet and of course Hometown Buffet.

So, go get your card by visiting dealigg.com or this link: http://dealitem.com/Deal/2921100/Hometown-Buffet-Coupons-50-Worth-of-Meals-for-Only-5-with.aspx

....Oh and you better hurry up because this good offer expires 04/30!









Buy A Smartphone


Better get your hands on a smartphone soon or you’ll be left out. Everyone has one now a days and they make life so much easier! You can use the phone, text, check your email, and find the nearest restaurant. They can do anything; you name it, it can do it! They even have GPS systems built in so you can find your way to anywhere without having a buy a $300 GPS system. Have the internet everywhere with a smartphone; no searching for a WIFI hot spot. And because this technology isn’t that advanced; the phones are affordable! The smartphone plan is where it gets expensive. But pick a cheap reliable plan and that problem is solved. A great smartphone to go check out is the Google Nexus S. Right now there is a printable coupon available that will save you not $25 not $50 but $100 towards this cool new smartphone! That is some really crazy good savings! And you might be thinking “wow that is a lot of savings, must be a cheap-o smartphone”. Well you’re wrong; this smartphone has tons of features like Android and an MP3 player built in! A digital camera is also included. And to top it all off you can watch TV from this smartphone. With $100 automatically in savings, why aren’t you buying this phone right now?! Happy shopping! Total cost of smartphone with printable coupon: $99.99! Follow the link to get your savings on. Print out the coupon and take it to a Best Buy store near you today.


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