Security System - Deal of a life time that ends TODAY!!!

Who's got the best deal on this awesome Eye Q 4 - Channel Security System? Like always it's!!! It means that in 6 hours this deal is gone! I promise you it's a great deal because it can store up to 500GB, it's highly sensitive meaning it catches every motion, comes with remote control and you can even hook it up to your Iphone or any 3G mobile device.

I bet you cannot guess the price! It's only $179.99 plus FREE Shipping and that's what it's emphasizing, too. It's too good to be true... but it is because is a trusted site and if you'll take a look on the top of their page it's written "We've saved Americans:$1,077,557,572.44"

A full feature remote controls the DVR and allows you to access its functions. With an Internet hookup, the surveillance footage can be viewed remotely or wireless on compatible 3G enabled mobile devices. Keep an eye on your home or office and rest assured with the Eye Q 4-Channel Security System. You've also got 1 year warranty and it's easy to set up!

Who wants tasty pizza for a great price?

Does this cut remind you of something? When you check your Sunday newspaper's inserts and you see a good deal, what do you do? You rip it off or you cut it out ...right? Well I tried to make it look like that, like a newspaper insert cut out! Why? Because Pizza Hut is offering this October very good deals. If you still haven't found out on their page what are the pizza deals, can help you choose from the unexpired deals. For example:

2 Liter Soda and Breadsticks for only $5, Any Pizza, Any size, any topping for only $10 and if you sign up for Hut Lovers email program you'll get a coupon for a FREE treat but only if you sign up until Nov 1, 2011!


Pizza Hut has a rewards point system and if you order online you have the chance to earn double points and that entitles you to a free pizza!!! And another deal is the $11 Large Works or Tuscan Six Cheese Pizza! So isn't that a great price for a tasty and big pizza? If pizza is not enough you can order p'zones, pasta and of course wings, now with 8 intense flavors!


ACER Laptops at the lowest price ever!


Since the beginning of October I've been keep hearing about deals on laptops, notebooks, netbooks and so on. This is definitely one of them. ACER AS5250-0468 X2 E300 15.6" laptop at only $289 from!!! uploaded this deal for us and we thank them for that! Now you ask yourself how come is this cheap? Don't worry it's not missing anything essential: 2GB Memory, 250GB Storage, 15.6" Display - all in all it offers you everyday HD computing. This Acer comes with a combination of AMD Radeon and AMD E-series which offers you full HD image and excellent performance. It comes with plenty of software and makes your life easier! And you've got peace of mind with the 1 year warranty. Complete all your work on this easy to use and affordable ACER Aspire! But you have to hurry, as all the good deals come to an end soon! This ACER offered by is expiring on October 27th! Limit one per household!






Are you in the Halloween spirit yet?

  So, what are your thoughts about this arrangement? Light it up in the nighttime and I'm sure that nobody is going to cross your door! Just kidding! Hey, it's Halloween in a week or so and you better be prepared if not, your children are going to nag like mine now. Since the beginning of October I started hearing: " Mommy, when are going to put the Halloween decorations out, when he dress up and go trick or treat?" found an awesome deal for a 24 Piece Light-up Halloween Tombstone Set. It's great! Walmart is practically giving it away for a bargain price of $9 and of course you can pick it up from the store for free!!!  As you see in the picture above the set includes: one 22" tombstone, two 14" tombstones, 1 skull, 2 hands, 2 bats, 2 rats, 3 spiders, 4 fences, 3 chains, 1 rose, 1 garland, 1 web and 1 cloth. Plenty of scary stuff for only $9! I would say go for it and make your kids happy!


Who doesn't love Organic Beauty Products?

I spend about half an hour browsing through's products and I must say they all look well-researched potions of anti-aging, hair regeneration, beauty and so on. has caught a promotion running on the real anti-aging potion 100% organic called Trilogy-certified organic rosehip oil. 20% off if you you the code ROSEHIPROCKS at the checkout. This discount applies to all the rosehip oil products. Plus if you like the product and decide to buy more from this website, let's say over $50 then you'll get an extra 15% off!!! Don't forget to use the code FIRST15! As I said at the beginning, I spent about half an hour and browsed through all their products from baby care to men, women and lifestyle. Everything is pure and 100% organic. Go to specials and you'll find that they are very affordable. I'm a hunter for these coupons when it comes to organic. I would love to have everything organic for my family, wouldn't you? Oh and I almost forgot, they have different brands so if you decide to stick with one then throws one item for FREE with your purchase. next time you go to the store to buy beauty products or skin care, hair care, remember this website and click on the link below:

Have you heard the news on Net10 Channel?

This is a son of a Gunn deal! There's a presale on LG Optimus Q and LG Optimus Net both powered by Android, says! is the website who can get you these Android phones for about $150 (LG Optimus Net) and $180 (LG optimus Q). No contract is required and that I think it's the best part of it, so then you can buy a $50 unlimited Air-time card (if you need that) or a $25 Air-time card for 750 min plus data, web, txt - you decide. You don't have to go through the hassle of a contract and a registration fee, credit checks and so on. Other carriers should realize that sooner or later people will figure out that it's in their best interest not to have a contract with any carrier and they can leave whenever they want and not lose any money. offers free shipping for items that cost more than $20 and if you are not satisfied with the service in 30 days you can return it and get your money back. What I wanted to mention is that if you buy air-time too, that will give you monthly access. These particular phones will ship in 2-3 weeks and you'll receive a confirmation email once the item will ship. My family has figured it out already that no contract means no headache! So go for it and leave your giant corporate carrier for someone who loves independence!





Less than a week until the Gateway with Intel Core i3 great deal expires!

It's been a while since I haven't written you guys about laptop deals! Well, the wait was worth while because revealed us one day ago this great looking satin black Gateway Laptop with Intel Core i3 and 4GB memory. You can pick it up from certain BestBuy stores or you can have it shipped to you, all in all it will cost you $349.99 plus taxes (shipping). I believe it's a great bargain because it already comes with the 4GB memory (like a PC computer), the processor is Intel Core i3 which in the geek's views is one of best Intel because it's maturity. The Windows 7 Home premium is already installed on it and the storage is huge, 320GB on the hard drive.  As you see you'll get integrated webcam with and a very good HD quality on the truebright 15'6" Display.  As I mentioned in the title, this Gateway series NV55C56U not going to last a long time! I'll check at my BestBuy, I bet it's gone! Go check it out at your BestBuy but first by clicking here:


Great technology gadget - the new Philips BooMBooM 8" Digital PhotoFrame

 Digital Photo Frame! Another great invention especially this one called the BoomBoom! It measures up to its name because it has all these great features like: 8" USB Sub-Display, 3 in 1 card reader and remote, it can store up to 2 GB or you can plug in your memory card, you can plug in your non HD video camera or any other USB connecting device and can view the videos and photos in instances! Oh and you can even plug in your MP3 Player for background music when you watch the slide show!

Like the guy writing on coz that's where it's selling at a very affordable price! And when I say affordable I mean it, for how many things you can do with it it's a bargain!!! Go check it out at ...did you see the price? Yeah, only $49.99 plus $5 shipping equals $55! Wow! You can even connect your PC for a secondary or mirror display! "It's a beast!" that's how my nephew would say! You'll get all the necessary cables and remote plus 1 year warranty! I will get it for my college student niece for sure! Hurry up it will not last and it will do BOOM ...disappear!



The new ultra -light Reader from Sony!


         I was just having a conversation the other day with two ladies in the airplane who were mentioning this Sony Reader ( one of them just got it for her birthday) and they were thrilled with it. We were talking about how wonderful is technology nowadays, that a book that's very dear to you but it's kind of heavy and has the pages coming out you don't have to carry it anymore with you because you have the Reader that it very light, especially this Sony  PRS-T1 6"  and have I mentioned inexpensive. This lightweight Sony Reader can get you access to over 2 million titles and another great thing is that you can even borrow books from your public library online. I'm thinking, wow! This can be a great gift for my niece on her birthday coming up because she's a busy college student and can study anywhere if she has the Reader with her!  For only $149 from, PC World Magazin ranks it high as one of the most efficient lightweight eReader of all times! Ladies, if red is your color than this Sony Reader will match your style! Oh and have I also mentioned that you'll get free shipping and this Red Sony Reader is only sold in US!? Type NEWCUSTOMER10 and you'll get $10 off if you're one of them, how about that!




Stuhrling Original Men's Watch sold by Newegg!

This beautifully handcrafted wrist watch is from the original Stuhrling Montague Mechanical Watches Collection and let us know that has the lowest price which is only $69.99 plus FREE shipping!!!

Its craftsmanship is quite exquisite, when you wear it is taking you back in time when the aristocrats where those watches in the pocket made out of gold. Roman numerals appear at all hour positions. A 2650 Mechanical movement drives the skeletonized hour and minute hands and seconds hand. The genuine leather strap attaches confidently with a case matching buckle. The artistry of watch-making finds representation best through the mechanical movement which requires painstaking skill and precision to create. A mechanical watch uses the regulated release of energy from a wound spring run through a collection of gears and an escapement to keep time. Mechanical watches must be manually wound via the crown in order to apply tension to the mainspring. I would say this is the best gift for someone special who's nostalgic about old times or is an affection-ado for Renaissance Times!


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