Great music, oldies but goldies now can be converted to MP3 cheap!


Open that box of old cassettes and rediscover the oldies but goldies, in my opinion the best music. With this Titan Tape to MP3 Converter you'll be able to fill up your MP3 player with your favorite music. The Titan Tape to MP3 Converter uses the tapes you already own and converts them to MP3 files. I'm not sure how they find this but I'm really happy that wrote us where to find it: So you know what that means? You have approximately 6 hours to get this Titan Tape to MP3 Converter for only $15 plus shipping $4.99!!!

Make your own mix-tapes with a plug and play compatible device that easily hooks up to your PC. The cassette deck features fast forward and rewind functions, rotary volume control and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Powered by USB cable or batteries, the converter can also play and record audio-tapes. You'll see how valuable this will turn out to be!!!

3D Blu-ray DVD Player, what's next?

Presenting the newest innovation, besides Samsung 3D HDTV, Smart Tv, the one and only 3D Blu-ray DVD Player from who else but Samsung! says it's only $149. on the other hand when I browse ( the online tore that offers it) it says: "See final checkout for price" and $249!  I'm pretty convinced that is not joking and that they actually went through registration process to find out the final price and surprise, surprise - it's actually $100 off!!! It's indeed a special price, so more than 70% of customers would buy it if they didn't do so already! This 3D Samsung DVD player has built-in wiFi and can connect anywhere in your house so you don't have to worry about cables and wires! Combine it with the Samsung SMART TV and you'll enjoy an array of entertainment from Internet browsing, video chatting, relaxing and watching a good movie which titles and picture movements are transformed from 2D to 3D! So even from the beginning of the movie you'll see something popping out! You have HDMI, of course..oh and I almost forgot promises you free shipping!

This offer might go so fast that you blink twice and it will be gone, Sayonara! Check out our link so you'll get there faster!





Hurry into Target for best deal ever! is letting us know that if you pass by Target these days and by chance you need a laptop or a tablet, maybe you know somebody, a friend or a co-worker, that are desperate to find the best deal in laptops, they have the Acer AO722-BZ454-US with 11" screen and AMD dual-core processor plus Windows 7 Premium pre-installed for the incredible price of $249!!! Wait, that's not all!!! Target is going to through you in a $50 Target Giftcard with the purchase!!!

The only down is that this is only an in-store offer and not available online. But, anywhere you turn there's a Target in US, so I'm sure you'll be out of the door in no time and getting to the closest Target because this for sure it's not going to last!


Familiar with

This is for whoever does not know this website that restaurant owners all over US love: " helps restaurant owners promote the new and unique aspects of their restaurants while providing diners with great value in a fun, new and cost effective way."

First of all it's a great guide for your neighborhood restaurants and also fancy downtown ones, secondly they offer great discounts and giftcards to your favorite dining places. Exactly how it is written on their website, they help you find the restaurant you want and the offer you great gift certificates for less than you'll expect! Why? Because they know that people love to gather around a table, have a great dinner, taste a good wine and not have to worry that they overdraft on their credit card!

There's Dinner of the Month which is the ultimate passport to a great meal out. Each month, a $25 Gift Certificate is sent via email. 3, 6, or 12-month options are available. And, with over 18,000 restaurants from which to choose, a new dining adventure is right around the corner. Plus before you checkout don't forget to put in the promo code ENJOY so you'll save 60%!!! I tried it and from $30 (3 months) it get me down to $12! Great!



A very good deal on an outdoor security system!

Ben's Bargains thanks for showing us this deal! I actually went on Ebay and I found a better deal than yours! For the incredible price of $219.99 plus Free Standard Shipping, you can get this next generation ZMODO 4CH Security DVR Night Vision Camera System 500GB! As you see it described above it can be accessed remotely from IPhone or your Google Android! It also can be used in the daytime, no worries and the best part of it's brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging!!!

I don't want to mislead you, so I'm going to mention that this is only a 4 channel DVR Camera system, the one that Ben's Bargains is advertising is 8 CH but is no longer available at $297! This DVR-H9104V is a 4 channel, fully integrated, real time, and hardware based standalone digital video recorder. With Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera control, video/ audio input and output, remote network access, and USB2.0 backup, this DVR is perfect for home or office use. The CM-C11313SV is a weatherproof day/night security camera with up to 30ft night vision. All cables and power supplies are included. Monitor is not included in the Package.

I hope I convinced you that it's a very good deal based on all the features it has ..and Wow the 500GB HD, too!


Michaels -Where creativity happens!

Anybody wants to be a pro at cupcakes creation, but not a lot of us succeed if we don't have the right utensils! Only for today now Michaels Stores have a printable coupon which you can get by following us and get to, that cuts off 50% of the regular bakeware prices!!! Michaels has also specials events like the one this Saturday - Wilton Cupcake cookie demo!

Whether you want to decorate a cake or you want to bake some tasty cookies, you can find all the bakeware you need and if you hurry in today with the coupon all the bakeware is half priced! Now how about that!

Designers' outfits at discounted prices!

Well, I wouldn't say it is for everybody's pocket but Yoox is indeed the drembox for many women who want to feel glamorous and 24/7 on the spotlight!

Established in 2000 is the leading virtual designers' outlet store! Here you can find almost any clothing line from well-known designers as well as novice in the industry but with potential, how Cojo would say it! They have offices of operations almost on all continents and ship over 1 million orders per year to more than 100 countries! I browsed their website already and I've noticed that you can find very rare pieces and also end of the season fashion and Eco friendly styles! Besides all the clothing from Armani, Dolce&Gabbana, Prada, Cavalli, just to name  a few, you can also find Denim, shoes, bags, accessories and jewelry!

As a mentioned above the outfits are pretty pricey but what you're expecting, we're talking about the major League in Fashion here! With a discount here and there, a dress that would cost you about $700 it can cost you only $243 + free shipping! Beside the special sale event of extra 60% you can get another 10% off by entering before checkout the coupon code LOVEMYDREAMBOX which expires July 17th!!! So, if you want to be in style quickly follow us:

Archos 7" Home Tablet - The deal that you've been waiting for!

Finally the people from realized that more and more they have those types of customers who don't want to spend a fortune on  a tablet PC or a laptop, because they just basically need them to browse the web, especially YouTube!!! Thank you for this great deal! Free shipping on this Archos 7" Display and 8GB Home Tablet and the unbelievable price of $89.99!!!

It's like you have in your hands a smartphone and a PC all together, you can do a lot on it and plus viewing all those videos from Youtube, talking with your friends and family, chatting, go on the social sites, twitting all the fun stuff! Very easy to carry because basically it fits in your pocket!

It comes with everything you see above and it's great because you have built-in Wi-fi and all those Android apps you can download, plus you can extend the memory through micro SDHC; the operating system is Linux, ANDROID™ 1.6 (Donut) application framework; and is compatible with Microsoft XP, Vista, 7 or higher, Mac or Linux in mass storage. Music playback time is up to 72 hours and video playback time is up to 7 hours!

So, hurry up because I have a hunch that this is not going to last too long!

Who doesn't love New York Style?

A breath of fresh air we got from the latest fashions in New York! It's indeed summer and summer brings with it Chiffon outwears, Flowery shirts, blends of blue, lilac and gray! In one work exceptional styles and very comfortable to wear! Everything is soft, modern and easy to wear in an office set or outside in these hot  summer days! gave us a great coupon that you can print out and redeem it in the NY&Co. stores all over US! Basically, if you shop for $100 or more ( and I bet you arr going to shop for more than that because their materials don't compare with other outlet stores) you can get $50 off with the coupon I'm just going to show!

Ah, but you cannot print it out from here you have to follow our link Smile          

 Besides this great coupon, as you see above on the image it shows that you also get free shipping if you spend more than $75! That doesn't apply if you actually go to the store and redeem the coupon above! Great deal, right?



Great price for Toshiba 17.3" Laptop!

Do you own a 17.3" diagonal wide screen TruBrite® TFT Toshiba Laptop? No, right? Well you can own a Toshiba L775D-S7222 with this wide screen for only ....$499 after instant savings ( keeping in mind that this one sells for at least $700)! Great deal from, isn't it? Oh, wait! That is not the only good thing about this laptop, as you see it has full keyboard, webcam and microphones for easy talk over Skype! And now for gamers, listen up! How does AMD Quad-Core A6-3400M Accelerated Processor with AMD Radeon™ HD 6520M Graphics (2.3GHz) / 6GB installed memory and 500GB hard drive sounds? Awesome, right?! Yes, great HD capacity for real time playing...just remember you're real and they are not! The quality of the image is so good you think you're in the game!

Before you run out the house and forget where you supposed to go, let me tell you that Staples has this Toshiba L775D-S7222 and if you pick it up from the store it's free shipping, of course! I went back to the website and it seems that there's a coupon code that is going to be added at checkout in order to get this low price and don't worry you can order it online because they have free shipping, too!                                           

                                                      Enjoy it!


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