Microsoft Laptop Backpack


Everyone who has a laptop and is on-the-go absolutely needs a backpack to go along with that. A laptop is a very delicate machine. Anything that tampers with the screen or the body of it will cause the rest of it to not work. Then that is just one thousand dollars thrown out the door! To protect your laptop you need some type of backpack or case. First of all you should get a case for added protection in addition to the backpack. These types of cases can be found at any major store like Wal-Mart or Staples. Now that you have a case, it is necessary to get a laptop backpack for mobile use of your computer. The point of laptops was that we can take them anywhere right? Well a laptop backpack can make that a little bit easier. They come in all sorts of stylish designs and colors. The one thing they don’t falter on is how they are made to protect your laptop. That is the key to all of this. Sure the design will catch your eye but if it doesn’t protect your laptop as well as it should; that will be really irritating later on. So how do you pick a good laptop backpack? Look at the designs you like then while you’re looking at those; start to notice the inside and the thickness of the walls in the bag. Also note the material used; if it is cushiony rather that hard it will absorb shock better. Make sure it’s not too soft though! A good in between of cushion and hard is best. A great laptop backpack is the Microsoft 39310 Backpack for laptops up to 15.6’’ in size. This particular one was sold for $59.99 but with the link provided below it is only $19.99! That is some crazy savings! And it is from Microsoft so you know it is high quality.


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