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Glamour magazine has a new coupon in their April 2011 issue! This coupon is for the hip store Express. Express is an apparel store that many celebrities shop at and enjoy. It definitely is a stylish place to go. The vibe of the store is more of classic and casual wear. Don’t be mistaken the clothes are fabulous but they also are great for everyday wear. They have everything from clothes to jewelry, shoes and swimsuits. Pair a cute jacket from them and some shorts with cute heels and you cannot go wrong! Style is easy to pull off when you shop at Express. I highly recommended checking it out. And guys don’t be shy; they also have a men’s section so you can look your best as well as the ladies. Now if you buy the April issue of Glamour magazine then you can get a great coupon to shop at Express with. It will give you $25 off your $50 purchase. But! This offer is only available if you buy the April 2011 issue of Glamour.

Here are some style tips for you. Get a long supermodel look by paring a long (feet covering) skirt and a fitted top. It will flow as you walk to give you an airy look. Plus it also is way comfortable! If you want to make this look bohemian pair these clothes with some natural jewelry in earth tones. Another hot look right now is western. Pair some brown cowboy boots with some white shorts and a cute top and you have a laid back cowgirl look Next hot look right now is navy blues, stripes, and grey for a casual nautical look. Since the weather is warming up but not yet go for some shorts with a heavier jacket on the top. The two opposites will balance each other out and look great on you. Must have color for spring? Pink and more pink. Use tops with pink in them but not too much or it will translate into “little girl”. Some pink with black will help mature the look up more. All these looks mentioned can be bought from Express! Go shopping with the $25 coupon! Follow the link provided for more info on the coupon.

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