Android Tablet – Top Reasons Why it is Essential in your Life


Many people are now considering buying Android tablet over PC and even other portable PC because Android tablet is the proper selection of the particular computing needs of the user. The fact that it is smaller than laptop and lighter in weight, users would definitely prefer to choose it over others because it is relatively easy to carry and also consumes a little amount of space.

People easily fell in love with the Android tablet not only for their mobility, but most importantly for their appeal and style. These devices are new and exciting way to use the internet, to catch your favorite video or music, without the wires! The big reason for their rise in popularity today is Android OS, an operating system that Google designed. It focuses greatly on giving the users convenience in using the device and in listening to music, watching video and surfing the web.


Tablet PC offers several advantages than traditional laptop PC and here are top seven reasons on why you need this tablet in your kind of lifestyle.

It is more portable. Tablets are without a doubt portable in its small size and light weight. They are typically smaller than an A4 piece of paper and weigh only 2 pounds. You will not feel the weight when you carry it in your handbag.


Android tablet is cheaper. Most laptop PC can cost you more than a thousands dollars depending on its specifications. The cost will never be your problem because they are cost effective than most laptops in the market today. The reason for this is tablets are actually not equipped with hardware and software that you will find unnecessary like keyboard and DVD drive.

It is customizable. With new apps and backgrounds, you can customize your tablet PC fast and easy. The Operating System of Android allows you to link with your favorite apps and change its background. This will help you define the real you making it unique and stand out of the rest.

It is great for video watching. It allows you to watch videos in different devices. They are ideal for video watching because they have larger, nice screens ranging from 7-10 inches.


Stay online with free internet. You can use the internet for free if you are in a Wi-Fi hot spot because Android tablet has wireless internet connection that allows you to stay connected anywhere. You don’t have to be bothered by irritating wires if you want to be connected on a travel.

It comes with free apps. Most of these apps are offered for free to give users a great internet experience. All you have to do is to go to Android Marketplace and choose the app that you link, have it installed and you’re done.

It is cool and stylish. This is probably the very first reason why you want to own an Android tablet. It comes with a shiny, slate like appearance which is why they are the hottest product in the market today. It gives you the style that you want while you stay active online.

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