O’Reilly eBooks and Videos at 50% Discount

You’ve been seeing a lot of back to school promos lately. In fact, we’ve been blogging about them a lot in the last few posts. There’s something though amidst all the promos on clothing, shoes, and gadgets. What else could it be? Books!

But in this day and age, our books have been converted into e-books and learning inside the classroom has become interactive with videos.


Lucky enough for you who enjoy learning through their electronic and mobile devices, you can now read e-books and watch videos on subjects you enjoy. All these are available at 50% off only through O’Reilly eBooks and videos. Membership required prior to purchase. Simply register and avail of all promos offered.

DealVista.com tells us about it. You can read where we first read about it hereYou may also take a peek at other books and magazines on discounted prices here.


More importantly, you should see everything on sale at 50% discount on O’Reilly’s page.


Found an interesting topic worth reading or watching about? Buy it now before it’s too late.



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