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Dealigg.com had listed delightful deals from Cellular Factory. Some of the coupon codes have been listed too. Check them all out here.



But for a taste of what’s in store, here are some of the great deals you can take advantage of:

15% off for any order with the coupon codes P3HT42 and cellularfactory15

Free shipping for any order with coupon codes 1V4TPZ and 11RK41. The former expires 9/27 and the latter expires 9/30.

Free shipping on orders of over $15 with coupon code FREESHIP (This coupon can be used with other codes for more savings).


Other coupon codes let’s you save 30% off on various items such as the Apple iPhone 4 Stylus, Batteries, and Chargers, Acer Laptop Screen Protectors, HTC Cell Phone Batteries and Chargers, LG Cell Phone Chargers and Stylus, Motorola Cell Phone Batteries, Chargers, and Screen Protectors, Olympus Camera Bags and Cases, Tripods, Lanyards, and Straps, Samsung Cell Phone Batteries and Chargers, Camera Bags, Cases, and Tripods, Sony Camera Bags and Cases, Tripods, Lanyards, and Straps. The complete list of accesories on sale is listed in Cellular Factory's site. 


For the coupon codes, you may check Dealigg.com again. 

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